Free Fire is getting more and more popular in India after PUBG Mobile, its biggest rival, was banned from the country. There have been a lot of content creators trying to make their name by playing Free Fire... and in this article, we would list out the top 5 Free Fire YouTubers from India.

This list is based on the Subscriber count on YouTube and not personal preferences. To get to their channels, just click on the names.

1 - Total Gaming (13.4 million subscribers)

Total Gaming a.k.a Ajjubhai is currently the biggest Indian Free Fire YouTuber in the scene. Ajay has only been making Free Fire YouTube videos for about 2 years - his rise is nothing but meteoritic.

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With this being his main career, TG stream and upload contents pretty regularly. He is also a pro player, currently owning a Free Fire team named Total Gaming Esports (he's also the 5th member of the roster).

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2 - Two-Side Gamers (5.53 million subscribers)

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This channel is run by two people, Jash Dhoka and Ritik Jain, more commonly known as TSG Jash and TSG Ritik. They are the leaders of Free Fire's top guild, TSG Army.

Jash and Ritik also started their journey 2 years ago. They have been growing gradually with more and more interesting and engaging content released. Between these two, 913 videos with 682 million views have been created.

3 - Desi Gamers (5.42 million subscribers)

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Desi Gamers a.k.a Amit Sharma is the oldest Free Fire channel on this list - he started posting Free Fire content back in October 2018 and was lauded for his fast-paced gameplay and fantastic stats. Desi has made 702 videos to date.

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4 - Lokesh Gamer (4.42 million subscribers)

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Lokesh is another great Free Fire YouTuber who has started making video ever since January 2019. Currently, Lokesh has 474 videos and 298 million views between them. His crate opening videos and event guides are the most popular.

5 - Gyan Gaming (3.94 million subscribers)

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A fairly popular Free Fire content creator - Gyan started his journey in January 2018 with Clash of Clans, but later switched to Free Fire. The guy has made over 1400 videos which yield a total of 409 million views, the highest number on this list. Gyan plays Free Fire in both mobile and emulator.

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