Free Fire is currently the most popular battle royale in India, after PUBG Mobile's ban. In this game, 50 players would drop into a map and fight until only one left standing. While PUBG Mobile's gameplay is focused on realism - Free Fire's style is more casual and fun. There are different characters with different bonuses, unique pets with unique bonuses... and gun skins with boosts.

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In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about gun skins in Garena Free Fire.

How to get gun skins in Free Fire?

Besides spending money, there are 3 ways to get gun skins:

  • Participate in events
  • Redeem special codes
  • Complete quests in the Elite Pass

Free Fire often releases gun skins (both time-limited and permanent) in regular events and the Free Fire Elite Pass (you would probably still have to pay for the pass and grind to get the best skins, of course.


About the code redeem, you can just google for "Free Fire Rewards Redemption Site", login and input the code. To get codes, just follow Gurugamer, as we occasionally post Free Fire skin codes.

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About gun skins in Free Fire

The gun skins in Free Fire are somewhat "pay to win". They give a bonus to the gun's stats depend on the rarity - there are 4 types of skin.

No attribute skins (common skin)

The rarer the skin, the better the bonus

These skins just change the look of the weapon and do not give any bonus stats whatsoever. Only pick them over default skins.

Theme skins

Rare skin which only gives a slight boost to stats. They have no animation, "show in lobby" feature or kill-feed.

Legendary skins

Incubator skins have the best bonuses

These skins give decent stats boost, with specialized kill-feed, animations, and the "show in lobby" feature.

Incubator skins

The best type of gun skins with striking designs and every feature that the Legendary skins have. Top tier incubator skins have rare overpowered boosts.

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