Free Fire's developers have always tried to surprise players with new mechanics and items, partly to differentiate themselves from their biggest rival PUBG Mobile. Those special items below are part of those attempts. In this article, we would list out all special items that were included in the game.


Not every single item on this list can be found in a normal Free Fire map - some are event exclusives.

1 - Camouflage items

Ghillie Bush

The Ghillie Bush is a special camouflage item that can only be acquired through looting airdrops. It works similarly to Wukong's ability, turning the equipped player into a bush, similar to many other bushes on the map. This item would stay active unless removed or shot off by enemies. It is relatively easy to destroy with a durability stat of only 50.

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The Ghillie bush can be in a different color, depend on the landscape that the equipped player is in. It is perfect for sniping and ambush... however, you would still need to be careful as enemies can see through it using a thermal scope.

Oil Barrel & Camo Box

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These two items work the same way - they would turn the player into either an oil barrel or a box. The oil barrel is slightly worse, as it looks like the exploding barrels and might be mistakenly shot at by players.

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Overall, the Ghillie Bush is stronger, as you can use it pretty much everywhere, while the barrel and box are only useful in certain locations. These two items also have 50 durability stat and thermal scope weakness.

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2 - Equipable items

Jumping shoes

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  • The jumping shoes are a special item that can be found in time-limited modes in Free Fire. When equipped, these shoes would unlock the ability to double jump (traveling a much larger distance than normal). This ability has a cooldown and needs to be recharged between usages.
  • You cannot shoot while jumping or falling. These shoes and the double jump ability can be used to reach higher grounds or leap across bigger gaps.

Electric Surfboard

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  • A surfboard that players can leap on to move around the map. It has the ability to double jump similar to the Jumping Shoes and a "turbo boost" function which would increase movement speed massively.
  • The electric surfboard's weakness is that it cannot be used inside certain structures such as houses.

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  • When standing on the high ground, players can double-tap the jump button to activate the Glider to glide down slowly to the ground. This item is amazing for traveling long distances.
  • While flying, players are not able to use weapons and can still be shot by enemies.

Jetpack shoes

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  • These shoes give the equipped player the ability to fly (there is a height limit, of course) for a limited amount of time. When the shoes run out of fuel, you need to equip another one to be able to fly again.
  • Flight ability has no cooldown - you can take off and land at any time. The best part is that you can use weapons while flying.

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