Being well-heard among the Free Fire player community for being the only Indian player who reached level 85 - the highest level in the battle royale game, the Free Fire account named Daddy Calling has been suspended by the game developer today which took the internet by storm. In fact, the news that Daddy Calling account is banned sparked a public outcry among not only Indian players but also the Free Fire South Asian community. But what is the reason why his account got banned? Keep reading to find out!

Daddy Calling
The news that Free Fire player Daddy Calling who has the highest level in Indian server got banned from the game has taken the internet by storm

A few days ago, Daddy Calling took a photo of his Free Fire profile to Instagram with a caption which read: “Bye bye free fire”. According to the pro player, his account has been suspended by Free Fire for unknown reasons. Being one of the most acclaimed Free Fire players not only in India but also in the region, it requires not only time, skills, and effort but also a great deal of money, and having banned without specific reason is absolutely unacceptable.

The case has upset not only the player but also the entire gaming community. While a lot of players stand up for Daddy Calling and raise the #JusticeForDaddyCalling trend, many YouTubers and game influencers have been making videos to reach out for support. Meanwhile, some people suppose that Garena must have made its decision for some reason like cheating or getting involved in scams.

Daddy Calling 4
Many players so support to the acclaimed pro player

In addition to that, the player who has his 85 level ID banned also took to his IG stories a long message, showing how disappointed he was for the injustice action of Garena. However, he hasn’t received any official response from the game developer for the absurd decision. Stayed tuned with for more updates about the case!

Above is all we have known so far about the case of the highest level player in Free Fire Indian being suspended. Please stay tuned with us for more updates about the case as well as the latest news about Free Fire and other mobile games.

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