Despite having a smaller size in comparison to its top rival PUBG Mobile, Free Fire is still sometimes overloaded for low-end devices which causes lag or app crashing. In addition to that, continuous updates from the game developer also make the app heavier in size. That’s why many players with low RAM need a lite version of the game which is more compatible with their phone. While PUBG Mobile has a toned-down version called PUBG Mobile Lite , the Free Fire Lite version is also made downloadable on the internet.

However, is Free Fire Lite legal and what is the risk of using this app? Keep reading for more details!

Free Fire Lite
What is the origin of Free Fire Lite and is there any risk of using it?

What is Free Fire Lite version

While Free Fire is becoming more and more popular, there are also more people searching for the Lite version of it hoping that it will work smoothly on their low-end device. While Free Fire has no specific hardware requirement, it can only run smoothly on a 3GB RAM phone. It means that players with smaller RAM and free memory space can encounter lags, crash, and overheated device while playing the game for a while. That's why Free Fire Lite version came up, promising to be compatible with any device.

The size of the app is said to be just one-third of its original version (around 180MB) while it provides the same major features. However, the graphics and textures of the game will be minimized to decrease the size of the apps. It seems like Free Fire Lite version makes the best choice for players who want to experience an excellent battle royale game on a low-end phone. In addition to that, some sources also claim to have Free Fire Lite offline version and Free Fire Lite download for Jio phone.

However, is it true that Free Fire Lite is the best solution for us on playing the game smoothly? In fact, there are some risks of playing the toned-down version of Free Fire that you need to know before installing it to your phone!

Free Fire

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Free Fire Lite version is not an official app

Apart from Free Fire, Garena is well-knowns for other games like COD: Mobile, League of Legends, Arena of Valor, and many other games. However, Free Fire Lite version is not included in the list of Garena published games. It is definitely a third-party app that players should avoid!

While many sources claim to have the Lite version of Free Fire to download, please note that the app is unauthorized and isn’t featured on Google Play store. It can be assumed that the Lite version of Free Fire is developed by untrusted software developers and do not have the legal publishing right.

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Free Fire Lite Version Download
one of the websites which provide Free Fire lite version download

What is the risk of using Free Fire Lite Version

Just like the Free Fire MOD version and other unauthorized apps, you will face some risks when playing Free Fire Lite version. In fact, the two mentioned apps have been listed as being banned by Garena. The game developer earlier warned its users of these third-party apps and claimed that players can be considered cheating and banned permanently from the game. Therefore, you’d better stay away from any apps like Free Fire Lite version to avoid troubles and get your ID and device banned from the game.

In addition to that, downloading and allow access to untrusted sources also poses a risk of losing your data and personal information. Not to mention that the app might be contracted with malware and virus and a lot of potential risks that can happen today.

Therefore, to keep your data and game account safe, you should never think about downloading Free Fire Lite, Free Fire Lite PC or any similar third-party apps to your phone.

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About Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most famous first-person shooter game which is developed and published by a Singapore software company Garena. After being launched at the end of 2018, the game became a true phenomenon and hit more than 500M lifetime downloads by the end of 2019. Just like many other games of the same genre, players in Free Fire need to fight against other competitors to be the final survivor. However, there are a lot of players who got addicted to the game thanks to the fast-paced battles, graphics, unique characters, bundles, and skins.

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