Along with the popularity of Free Fire is the rise of hack apps and tools with which players can cheat and have more chances to win the battles. Apparently, using a third party to intevrent into the game and have unfair features and privilege is violating the regulations and terms of services. That’s the reason why lakhs of accounts and devices have been banned from the game every week, according to Garena.

Therefore, knowing what hacking apps are unauthorized and banned from the game is essential for players to avoid the risk of losing their accounts. Keep reading for the list right below!

free fire banned account
There are many reasons for which players are banned from the game, using a banned app is one of the most common ones

What are third-party apps and APKs

In general, unauthorized third-party applications are software that opens the Free Fire APK files (application package) and hack a part of or the entire services by breaking down the security measures developed by Garena. No matter if the third-party application is a cheat or not. You still face a high risk of having your account (and even device) banned by Garena.

Many players experience accounts banned even when they were unintended to hack or cheat in-game. However, using an unauthorized app to improve lag, graphic, resolutions, or to bypass the firewall and access the game server. The same thing happens to players who used OCTOPUS applications to play Free Fire with a controller.

However, please note that all third-party apps which try to crack down on the game application package are considered a violation act and will be banned by the game publisher. To avoid being banned, here is the list of most common third-party apps banned from Garena Free Fire you should never give it a try.

22425 Garena Account Bans
More than 10 lakhs players were banned within just two weeks

Most common apps that are banned from Free Fire

  1. Free Fire Lite
  2. VPN
  3. HD Graphics Tool [NO BAN]
  4. GFX Tool - No Ban & No Lag
  5. GFX Tool - Free Fire Booster
  6. GFX Tools (all APKs)
  7. Gamer Booster
  8. Gamer Box - Game Booster
  9. FlashDog
  10. Game Guardian
  11. Mod Vip
  12. Lulubox

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Diamond Hack
Trying to hack diamond is one of the major reasons many players have been banned from the game

Please note that these are only some significant examples and there is a long list of other apps. As the anti-cheat system of Free Fire gets updated frequently, even new apps which claim to be safe to players doesn’t mean it will be safe forever!

In case you discover other apps that try to crack down on the original one, please inform us so we can share with the community and help everyone avoid the risk of being banned from the game. Your contribution is much appreciated!

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