With the blossom of digitals content, moviegoers are now having more and more options to entertain. Instead of going to the theaters to watch movies or watching it on the TV with a fixed schedule, they are now free to access any type of movie and series anytime and anywhere they want thanks to the OTT (over-the-top) platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, AmazonPrime, and many others.

However, having so many things to watch sometimes turns out to be a problem as we get confused about what’s worth watching and what’s not. If you have no idea of the best web series to go with this weekend, here are the 5 best options which highest IMDb scores which will not let you down!

Best indian web serries 2020
Bandish Bandits and The Family Man are some of the best Indian web serries you can ever find on the internet

1. Broken But Beautiful - 9.0 IMDb rating

Starring Kirant Massey and Harleen Sethi in the leading roles, Broken But Beautiful is a romantic drama series from Ekta Kapoor. The series revolves around the life and relationships of young adults who have to handle heartbreaks and post-breakup trauma. The reason the audience keeps coming back to the series is that each episode describes a ‘broken but beautiful’ piece in the life of the protagonists. In addition to that, the chemistry between the pair also round-up for a bittersweet story.

2. Stories by Rabindranath Tagore - 8.9 IMDb rating

The title tells it all! Stories by Rabindranath Tagore is a movie adaption of Nobel Prize winner Tagore’s stories. The series set in Bengal portray the complexity of love and relationships which each episode paints a different color to the whole picture of mankind.

3. Stranger Things - 8.8 IMDb rating

Stranger Things, no need for introduction, is an acclaimed American web series that took cyberspace by storm for being an awesome mixture of many genres including sci-fi, adventures, romance, and suspense. In case you miss this excellent Netflix series, go for it asap as the season 4 of the series is about to come.

4.Bandish Bandits - 8.7 IMDb Rating

Another Indian web series to be on the list of best TV series with high IMDB rating is Bandish Bandits which is an excellent combination of romantic drama and traditional classical music. In fact, the movie also highlights the contrast between two leading characters with one is a classical singer and the other is a pop star on a special journey to define themselves.

5. The Family Man - 8.6 IMDb rating

When it comes to web series, a great movie has nothing to do with a superstar. Featuring Manoj Bajpayee in the leading role, The Family Man received 8.6 IMDB rating thanks to its compelling slot and excellent performance of the veteran actor. The movie tells the story of an Indian secret agent who takes on his duty of protecting the nation and keeping his family safe from the threats of his demanding job at the same time.