When it comes to battles, guns appear to be the most popular types of weapons to attack enemies from a far distance. However, there will be the time you run out of weapons and a face-to-face battle is unavoidable. Apart from melee weapons like katana, pan, grenade, and others, Free Fire players can also take the power of their fists to knock out the enemies. With the upcoming Flaming Fist, which is the very first hand-skin ever in Free Fire, players can now give more damage when it comes to close combat!

Check out the first look of Free Fire Flaming Fist and how it works:

With the announcement about the upcoming Free Fire Flaming Fist, Free Fire has taken cyberspace by storm. The fancy hand skin became the hottest topic of players around the world as all of them wanted to know more details like how much it cost, how it gives more damage, and when it would be ready to purchase. However, at the moment, there aren't any details about the Flaming Fist ability and when exactly it will be released.

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In fact, the Flaming Fist was made available on the Indonesia server earlier last month. The release of the hand skin comes with a spin event in which players not only have a chance to win the ultimate hand skin but also a 9.999 diamond jackpot. As it is likely that international players will have the same event, here are what players can possibly get in the upcoming Flaming Fist event!

Take a look of how the Flaming Fist event may look like:

Free Fire Flaming Fist 2

Just like many other spin events, players will need to purchase spins with diamonds. While 1 spin costs 20 diamonds, you can save a little amount of money for buying a 10 spin combi which costs 180 diamonds. In addition to that, there is also an option for special spin with which you have a doubled chance to get a jackpot. The special spin can be obtained with 30 diamonds.

Apart from the desirable Flaming First and the 9,999 jackpot, there are also many hot rewards like the loot crates and pet box. However, the types of rewards may vary when it comes to the global server!

Above are the initial information as well as the first look about Free Fire Flaming Fist. Stay tuned with us for more updates about these items and the Free Fire October event roadmap.