When it comes to Free Fire diamonds hack, players are no stranger to online scams and frauds that promise to give away unlimited diamonds for free. However, there are still many players, especially young children, who are confused about these dirty tricks and something called Free Fire diamond hack without survey. So are there any websites with which we can get Free Fire diamond hack no survey? Let’s find out in this article!

 Free Fire Diamond Hack No Survey
Is it possible to get Free Fire diamond hack without doing survey?

Free Fire diamond hack without survey

Being a popular third-person shooter for mobile, Free Fire offers fast-pace matches in which you have to compete against 49 other players to survive. While there are many items, skins, weapons that give you advantages in the battle, these virtual goods can only be obtained with diamond - a special in-game currency of Garena Free Fire.

Normally, Free Fire diamonds can be obtained with real money. You can top up diamonds via Google Play store or other top-up websites by making online transactions. In addition to that, you can also earn some diamonds (not many) after completing missions, get level up or with redeem code.

Free Fire redeem

Another legit way to earn Free Fire diamond for free without having your account banned is earning redeem vouchers by doing surveys. In fact, there are several GPT (get-paid-to) websites like Google Opinion Rewards, Swagbucks or many others with which you will be paid for doing short surveys.

However, as the amount of diamond you can earn from doing surveys is not too many and it takes time to complete, many players rush into searching for an online tool that can offer unlimited free fire diamond hack without a survey. While there are a lot of online tools that promise to give you as much diamond as you wish for FREE, what is the price of it? Keep reading to unveil the truth!

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 Free Fire Diamond Hack No Survey
One of many Free Fire diamond hack websites you can find on the internet!

The truth about Free Fire diamond hack without survey

There are hundreds of websites you can find on the internet introducing about hacking up to 99999 Free Fire diamonds within a few minutes. Just a click on google can you can find bunches of similar websites. However, here are the common points of these sites you can notice of:

1. These websites are unauthorized

Taking a look at these websites, you will notice that all of them have the Free Fire logo. However, it doesn’t mean that it belongs to a trusted or authorized organization. Despite having a professional look, these websites show no detailed information about the origins, contacts or others. Who knows where your information will go and how they use it?

 Free Fire Diamond Hack No Survey

2. Comments on these websites are all fake

While there are a lot of comments from Facebook users and even pop up notification stating that many other users have received thousands of coins and diamonds for free, please note that all of these comments are fake and are made by the website creator. You can check it yourself as we can neither leave any comment on the page nor check the profile of people who commented on it. In addition to that, these comments remain the same for days although they were shown to be uploaded just a few hours ago.

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Free Fire Hack

3. These websites ask for human verification

That’s the key of almost all Free Fire diamond hack without survey websites: asking users to install some unknown apps as a step of human verification. If players follow the instructions and get apps to their phones, the website creators will be the one who receives bonus from the app publishers, not the player. As a result, players won’t receive anything like free diamond after all.


Therefore, it can be stated that there are no such things as ‘Free Fire diamond hack without survey’ or ‘Free Fire diamond hack without human verification’ that works. In fact, there are a few websites that actually bring you real diamonds but the number you received is quite small and the most important thing is that your account will be banned a few days later by Garena.

Although you can only earn a few rupees for each survey done, it won’t take much time to finish and get the redeem voucher for a free diamond. In fact, there are many players who earned hundreds of rupees just by doing surveys on Google Opinion Rewards. Anyway, this is the most trusted way to get free diamonds in Free Fire.

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