If there is a title of the most controversial streamer, Pokimane will definitely bag it as taking a break from the internet cannot stop her from making headlines every now and then. After calling a few months off, the streamer has bounced back as a Vtuber and a fresh avatar. While setting a new beginning to her career, Pokimane steals the spotlight for taking to her Twitter handle a throwback photo of her from 2015 and captioning it: “baby poki from 2015”. Take a look at her pic below:

Twitch streamer Pokimane
Famous Twitch streamer Pokimane revealed her throwback photo from 2015 (right). Can you spot any differences?

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While the streamer looks cute and younger in the old pic, it was her friends á well as fans reaction to leaving you to roll on the floor laughing.

One of the most remarkable comments is from her peer 100T JhbTeam who is also a Twitch streamer. He uploaded a throwback photo of him and according to Poki, he was 'still a baby'


Meanwhile, there are countless compliments on the gorgeousness of the streamers. Take a look at some other interesting comment right here:

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Apart from the adorable look of Pokimane, it was her chair which also draws attention as many fans wondered if she was putting a game chair inside a car. However, the streamer fully explained that it was a racing car chair that gives inspiration for the gamer chairs we normally see.

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For the unversed, Pokimane is one of the most-followed female streamers on the world's biggest streaming platform Twitch. With more than 55 lakh subscribers on Twitch, 52 lakh followers on Instagram and other social platforms, she is well known as an acclaimed influencer in the gaming world.


However, the streamer was also on the controversies from time to time for fueds with other streamers like ItsAGundam, Keemastar, and LeafyIsHere as most of her fans are called 'simps' who followed her just because of her appearance.

Take a look at some "thicc" moments of her on livestream:

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