Despite having a vast range of weapons, guns skins, and bundles, it is the first time Garena Free Fire releases a hand-skin as it is amazing AF! A few days ago, the game developer revealed the first look of its upcoming hand-skin called Flaming First which took the Free Fire fan community by storm in no time. While everyone can keep calm with the much-waited items, Flaming Fist has been made available for lucky players in the latest event Pinko. Here are more details of the event as well as how much chance of winning the game you have!

Free Fire Flaming Fist
Your character will look for powerful with the latest and unique Free Fire hand skin Flaming Fist

Free Fire Flaming Fist skin in Plinko 2.0

After a lot of speculation, Garena Free Fire finally spilled the beans on the new fancy hand skin and give chances for a lucky player to win the item in the new Pinko event. With the latest event which takes place from 5th Oct to 11th Oct, players will have the opportunities to win the Flaming Fist for FREE. And just like many other events of Free Fire, it also depends on your luck. Here is how to event goes and what prizes you can get:

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Flaming Fist Plinko 2

Just like the original version of the Plinko event, players will need to drop the ping pong ball and watch it fall into the wholes. There are 7 holes with 3 levels: basic, premium, and grand which equivalent to three levels of prize. To win the Flaming Fist, you ball needs to fall in the D hole in the middle.

Of course, you will need to purchase the balls as one ball comes with 20 diamonds and a bunch of 5 balls comes with 90 diamonds. However, you will get your first ball for free while the second purchase will be discounted by 50 percent.

Flaming Fist Plinko

What is the chance of winning the Flaming Fist?

Just like many other lucky events, it's impossible to tell how many balls you need to win the highest prize. While some players confessed that they have lost up to 500 diamonds and were unable to get the Flaming Fist, some others are so lucky to get it for the first time. However, the stunning item is worthy for you to give it a try!

Flaming Fist
While some players are lucky, some others aren't