You may think Fortnite is the most famous Battle Royale in the world, but the most popular on mobile phones is Free Fire. It is not only because it is free, but also because it works on almost any of the Android and iOS smartphones of recent years. On top of that, Free Fire opened doors for other good games of the same genre to start coming out on mobile.

13 Most Popular Battle Royale Mobile Games in 2018 free fire

In this article, we tell you what are the other 9 best Battle Royales that currently exist for mobile phones. They resemble Free Fire in several ways, but differ in other features. For that reason, if you are looking for something that has a unique style of play, check out the list!

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile came directly from the console and PC versions to mobile phones. We can say that this version has almost the same popularity as the original. The graphics are excellent and the gameplay is very intuitive and easy for every player. And of course, best of all, it's free for both Android and iOS.

PUBG Mobile là trò chơi di động có doanh thu cao nhất thế giới

The premise holds true: 100 players parachute onto an island and fight to survive. Each of them, or by teams, must find their own weapons and supplies that will help them stay alive until the end of the game. There are also different vehicles, which are very useful due to the dimensions of the map. The last one standing is the winner of the game!

Graphics are not too different from the original title. With Unreal Engine 4, the game is presented with super realistic visuals. The details and visual effects are delicious. In addition, you have the option of playing in Ultra HD, with an immersive and surround audio system, that is, you'd feel that the sounds come from different directions. All this is available for more than 500 different smartphones!

Play this game if:

  • You played the console or PC version and you want to have the experience anywhere.
  • You want a classic and pure Battle Royale at its best.

This game is available on Google Play and App Store .

2. Rules of Survival

This is another game that quickly got the attention of players. Rules of Survival is also a free game for Android and iOS, and follows in the footsteps of other games in the genre. However, it goes further: it can support up to 120 players or even 300 on the largest map.

Rules Of Survival: Tính năng kết hôn/ghép đôi sắp được trình làng ...

Unlike other Battle Royale games like Free Fire, Rules of Survival has more game modes. Two of them are about searching for treasures like gold or diamonds, which is why they are effectively called Gold and Diamond modes. There's also the Blitzkrieg mode, in which all players start with a gun, backpack, and enough desire to eliminate opponents.

Just like in games of the same genre, the map gradually shrinks as the minutes go by. For that reason, sooner or later the players are forced to face each other. The idea of ​​being a camper, staying in one place all the time, doesn't work here! Finally, this game gives you the option to play in 1st or 3rd person.

Play this game if:

  • You are one of those who likes to vary between different modes within a Battle Royale.
  • You want a game where you can alternate between 1st and 3rd person.

This game is available on Google Play and App Store .

3. Knives Out - Tokyo Royale

Knives Out was developed with the intention of having one of the largest maps of the genre for mobiles. This game is notorious for the amount of terrain, landscapes and places available to explore. You can be in a city or on a snow mountain. In addition to this, there are also tunnels, alleys and any type of space imaginable to visit. Knives Out-Tokyo Royale: Appstore for Android

As the map is huge, in this game the tension and adrenaline are much higher than the other games on the list. You never know in which corner you will find another enemy. This helps to create various ways of approaching combat. You can go as a sniper, or as a survivor with a shotgun that cleans building after building. Whatever you choose, try to survive to the end.

The Knives Out game is more fun if you go as a team. You can play in duo, quartet or quintet depending on whether you select Duo, Squad or Fireteam mode. This will make it easier to eliminate opponents, since you only need one team to survive to count as victory. Apart from that, you will have companions to cover your back.

Play this game if:

  • You want a huge map with tons of different places to explore.
  • You love playing Battle Royales as a team.

This game is available on Google Play and App Store.

4. Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds

Bullet Strike is a Battle Royale that doesn't take long to play each game. If Free Fire usually lasts about 15 minutes in total, with 50 players, in the game the maximum number of players is 20. Many may think that this is bad and that it can be very boring. Nothing is further from reality. This is exactly what gives the game the most adrenaline and intensity.


Of course, just as the game's title suggests, Bullet Strike focuses on snipers. There are different models of long-range weapons and, of course, different ways to play. You can be a camper, staying still in a corner, or manage to eliminate numerous clueless enemies while moving from one side to another.

In addition to the multiple precision rifles that you can acquire in the games, the weapons you have on hand can be improved. You can also acquire protections, something necessary since any bullet can be deadly. There are several game modes that are under constant updates and, although it is obviously not a typical Battle Royale, the game presents a similar experience.

Play this game if:

  • You don't want a classic, old-fashioned Battle Royale.
  • You don't mind playing only with snipers...or, what's more, you love precision rifles!

This game is available on Google Play and App Store .

5. Grand Battle Royale

Let's make things clear: Grand Battle Royale is quite different from Free Fire. Visually it is very different, more similar to Minecraft, so here we control unrealistic and blocky avatars. The appearance of the game is more casual but that does not mean that the game is worse than others of the genre.

GRAND BATTLE ROYALE: Pixel War Gameplay Trailer (iOS Android ...

The game may be a little confusing at first, but it's not complicated. The gameplay is simpler than you imagine. Just like in Free Fire, characters are transported to a large battle arena. After parachuting, you must find weapons, supplies, items, protections, everything you need to ensure your survival.

Despite having a minimap, it is practically useless since you will not be able to see much of it. The most difficult thing is to move around the map well, since the movements of the characters are very fast, and the controls are sensitive. If for example you try to quickly change from going forward to backward, you won't be able to do so.

Weapon options are almost the same as Free Fire. There are melee weapons like knives or machetes, and these are easier to handle for players starting with Grand Battle Royale. It is not that firearms are difficult, but that ammunition is much scarcer.

The problem with this game is that it does not work on mobile phones with low connection speeds.

Play this game if:

  • You want a fast Battle Royal experience with a less realistic visual.
  • You have a good internet connection.

This game is available on Google Play and App Store .

6. Black Survival

This is another different proposal in this genre that we cannot leave out of the list. Black Survival only has 10 players per game, but each lasts up to 20 minutes. Participants are taken to a desert island that is divided into 22 areas. There are many places to get resources, weapons and equipment in general. An innovative feature is that you can create your own weapons from resources obtained.

Black Survival / 黑色幸存者 on Steam

The gameplay is also different from what we are used to seeing in the genre. First, the game graphics have a Japanese animation style. It does not have 1st or 3rd person itself, but is a mix of point and click. It is a game system in which you progress gradually from stage to stage, finding items and enemies.

As for enemies, at the beginning the combat is confusing. Opponents suddenly appear on your screen and you must be quick to attack or you will be attacked before you react. You need to click on the corresponding button of the weapon on your screen. There are 7 different types of weapons, divided between stab and firearms.

The game leads players to have to hunt animals while exploring areas. From hunts, you can get resources to make new weapons or other items, as well as level up. Some areas close with the passage of time, something common in Free Fire and other Battle Royale. The goal? Becoming the sole survivor, of course!

Play this game if:

  • You want a very different Battle Royale experience.
  • You love Japanese animation designs and Japanese anime.

This game is available on Google Play and App Store.

7. Vast Survival

Vast Survival surprisingly has one of the most realistic graphics on this list. For a completely free game, this is a very positive thing. It focuses on both competitive and cooperative mode and of course the end goal is nothing new. You will start on a map full of enemies that you must eliminate, using any object you find on the way.

Vast Survival iOS Gameplay Impressions - YouTube

It should be added that in this game you start with nothing more than underwear. It is necessary to look for clothing and protection, in addition to weapons, although if you want you can go natural until the end of the game. A very interesting resource of the game is the option to build walls around you, something that would protect you from the other 24 players who will try to eliminate you.

This game has a very intuitive control system, although it can be slightly complicated and does not always work well. In addition, Vast Survival requires better than average phones, since it is a game that is approximate to those on PC or consoles. If you have a phone that is just good enough for Free Fire, this might not be the best alternative for you.

Play this game if:

  • You have a phone with an above average power.
  • You want a game of this genre with realistic graphics for phones.

This game is available on Google Play and App Store .

8. Radiation Island

Radiation Island is a game with double experience. Not only does it have the well-known Battle Royale mode, which is purely multiplayer, but it also features a single player mode. In this second game mode, you must survive in a zombie infested land. The interesting thing is that both modes are interconnected, making it mandatory to play solitaire first before competing against other players.

Radiation Island on Steam

Single player mode serves as a kind of tutorial. There you can understand how to get resources, create your own weapons and build fortifications. As in Vast Survival, raising buildings around you is not only possible, but recommended. Also, you can hunt, fish and fight against wild and ferocious animals. If you survive all the challenges in single player mode, you can advance to the Battle Royale!

If you get to the multiplayer, fear not: you are more than worthy to face other players online . Here everything runs as usual, since you will have to eliminate the rest of the enemies and survive as the only player standing. The added bonus is that in the battle arena you will have to face other dangers, so be very careful!

Play this game if:

  • You want a Battle Royale with strong survival elements.
  • You want to have a single player mode other than multiplayer.

This game is available on Google Play and App Store .

9. Last Battleground: Survival

The last on the list is one with a lot of weight. One of the biggest innovations relative to other Battle Royales like Free Fire is the fact that you can use robots to your advantage. Basically, Last Battleground manages to mix Free Fire with Titanfall in a unique combination within the genre.

Last Player Battlegrounds Survival cho Android - Tải về APK

In this case, the battlefield will be visited by 40 players. As soon as you drop on the island, for a change, you must explore the map in search of everything you can find to increase your chances of victory. While eliminating enemies, you will notice that the controls are quite simple , with few interaction options. For that reason, it is not a difficult game to play!

To control the robots, you must play in the Apocalypse Mech mode. When you fill a specific bar, you can summon these war machines. Riding one of these robots will simplify the goal of eliminating opponents. Last Battleground: Survival allows you to fight solo, in duo and in groups.

The game works well on older phones, without compromising the graphics. You might notice that the game is not very smooth and you would have performance problems, for which you can decrease the graphic options. This game is free but we must inform you that it is only for Android phones.

Play this game if:

  • You are looking for a mix between Titanfall and a Battle Royale game.
  • You have a less powerful phone and you are looking for something within the genre.

This game is available for Google Play. Unfortunately, it is not available for iOS phones.

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