Free Fire has a massive weapon system with over 50 different guns, throwables, and melee items. Amongst them, machine guns are the second biggest group after ARs - they contain three LMGs, 8 SMGs, and the Gatling.

Vector Akimbo
Kelly wielding Vector Akimbo

In this article, we would list out all the Free Fire machine guns in OB27 and their characteristics s0 that you would be able to use them more effectively.

SMGs In Free Fire

1 - Vector

While the Vector's stat is nothing to boasts about (except for the high fire rate), the ability to dual wield is. When using the Vector Akimbo, players would be able to dish out double the damage compared to the usual SMG. This alone boosted this weapon to the #1 spot in OB 26... and after quite a few nerfs in OB27, it is still really strong. That's the reason why Vector can be considered one of the best machine guns in Free Fire.

Akimbo Vector Free Fire
Vector is amongst the best machine guns in Garena Free Fire.

2 - UMP

The UMP is probably the second strongest gun in its class in OB27. It got a massive buff to accuracy and lower recoil - coupled with the high damage potential via armor penetration, you should be able to deal some effective damage even in the late game.

Free Fire UMP
Free Fire Hunger UMP skin

3 - MP40

The MP40 is the fastest weapon in Free Fire and because of that, it is the king of close-quarter combat. With its 83 in rate of fire, you can just make short work of any enemies that come into its effective range. In exchange for the high damage potential, the MP40's range is super short - exactly the same as a shotgun.

Free Fire Mp40
The MP40 is the third-strongest SMG in Free Fire because of its insane rate of fire

4 - VSS

The VSS is a weird sniper/SMG hybrid that's often overlooked. It works similar to a DMR, with a high range and a capability of rapid firing. The damage potential of the VSS is fairly low due to the small base damage, however. Overall, it is a good complimentary gun to use alongside a sniper rifle to finish off enemies.

The Star Commander VSS skin

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5 - CG 15

The futuristic CG 15 is another weird "long-range SMG" that focuses on chipping enemies off. However, unlike the VSS, it has a special ability to charge a bullet for higher damage. It is recommended that you use that ability to open combat, as the first shot is more likely to hit.

Cg15 Free Fire
CG15 is a powerful weapon for short and mid-range combat.

6 - MP5

The MP5 is the easiest SMG to use as it is a jack of all trades. While it does not have any particular strengths, it doesn't have any weaknesses either. The MP5's accuracy and range are higher than the UMP and because of that, it is much easier to use. If you are a beginner or have no idea how to use SMGs, picking this gun is ideal.

MP5 in Free Fire
The Golden "Champion Boxer" skin for the MP5

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7 - P90

The only strength of the P90 is its high clip size - all its other stats are fairly low comparing to the rest of the SMG class. It is recommended that you find a Stock as soon as possible when using the P90 to solve its range problem. The reload speed problem can be solved with a magazine attachment.

Rebel Academy P90
You shouldn't miss the Rebel Academy P90 skin.

8 - Thompson

The Thompson is an older gun comparing to the rest of the roster, therefore, it can't be equipped with a stock. You can consider this gun the P90 with less accuracy, the same range and slow reload speed. However, its weakness can't be fixed with attachments.

Thompson in Free Fire
The first skin for the Thompson

LMG in Free Fire

With the new OB27 update, all LMGs except the Gatling get a new "machine gun mode" that can be triggered by crouch or going prone.

  • M60: + 28% rate of fire
  • M249: +5 damage
  • KORD: + 5% rate of fire and fires 3 shots at once

1 - Kord

The new LMG "Kord" is going to be the new imbalance weapon in Free Fire, especially with its ability to fire three shots at once when crouched. In exchange for just a minor handicap in mobility, you can gain a massive boost to your damage output. While the accuracy of the Kord is not super good, some bullet is still going to hit. Try to get close before using the Kord.

Kord Gun in Free Fire
The newest weapon in Free Fire OB27

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2 - M249

The M249's strength is its effective range... and with the +5 damage from "machine gun mode", its long-range sprays are going to be deadly. The accuracy of the M249 is super high as well - it is the best LMG for medium to long-range.

M249 in Free Fire
The Fabled Foxes skin for the M249

3 - M60

The M60, while decent, is the weakest weapon in this class, according to GuruGamer evaluation. Similar to the MP5, it is a "jack of all trades", easy to use but doesn't have anything special going on for it. The machine gun mode would provide the M60 with an even faster fire rate, letting you have a better time doing headshots.

M60 Free Fire
The Captain Bubbles skin for the M60

Special category: Gatling Gun

The Gatling gun is the weapon with the higher magazine count in the game... and is also the slowest (it cut your movement speed down to 1/3). It can only be picked up in special modes.

This is the end of our Free Fire Machine Guns guide. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post for the list of all weapon changes in Free Fire OB27.