The latest OB27 update has finally arrived at Garena Free Fire yesterday, April 14, 2021, from 6 PM (IST) onwards. Survivors can now update the game from Google Play Store or Apple App Store to enjoy the new features.

Kord Gun
Check out this new gun in Free Fire OB27

So far, the OB27 update appears to be the biggest of 2021 yet, bringing in tons of changes to the UI, weapon balances, new characters, and more. This update also introduces a brand new weapon to the battlefield, the Kord LMG (Light Machine Gun).

Let's check Kord's strengths and weaknesses to see whether it will be the new meta in Free Fire OB27.

New Gun Kord in Free Fire OB27

The new Kord LMG is available as common loot in both Free Fire Battle Royale and Clash Squad modes. Being an LMG, this gun is designed for suppressive fire! Its gigantic magazine will rain bullets on the enemies, dealing a massive amount of damage efficiently.

According to the official patch notes of the OB27 update, "The Kord is an LMG that can be used as an effective tool for surprising fire. Crouch down and fire to destroy all the players."

Activate the New Machine Gun Mode in the Kord

This new LMG also comes with a new firing mode - Machine Gun. Players can activate this mode by crouching, increasing the firepower of the weapon. By sitting down, you actually lower the center of gravity, giving you more control over the gun's recoil to hit the targets accurately.

Weapon Balances Ob27
Weapon changes in Free Fire OB27

Kord's Stats

Here are the stats that this new gun brings to the table:

  • Base Damage: 35
  • Rate of Fire: 0.21
  • Magazine: 80
  • Attachment Slot: Scope
  • Upon activating the Machine Gun mode, increase the rate of fire by 5%, releasing three bullets at once

Will The Kord Be The New Meta?

The Kord is a powerful LMG, that goes without saying. But whether it will become the next meta in Free Fire OB27 is way too early to decide. Regarding the base stats, this gun deal less damage than other LMGs such as the Gatling and M249.

New Gun Kord
The Kord may not replace other LMGs just yet

However, it does make up for the loss in damage in the large capacity and an activatable fire rate boost. Overall, we can safely put the Kord in the middle ground as of now. It can be an effective weapon in all ranges of combats, from close-range to long-range.

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