Clash Squad mode is among the most popular Free Fire game modes. The round-based mode features two teams fighting against one another and has 7 rounds in total. Which team wins four rounds is the winner.

In fact, you can use any character of Free Fire in this mode. Choosing a suitable character will do a big well in assisting gamers to beat their enemies.

Hayato Firebrand Vs Kelly
Hayato Firebrand vs Kelly, who's more ideal for Clash Squad mode?

Meanwhile, Kelly and Elite Hayato are also two sought-after characters in the game. In this article, we will compare them and see that Hayato Firebrand vs Kelly, which one of them is more powerful for the Clash Squad game mode.

Elite Hayato (Hayato Firebrand)

Elite Hayato, or Hayato Firebrand, is the Awakened version. The character owns an active ability named Art of Blades.

Hayato Firebrand
Hayato Firebrand is known as a strong character with exceptional abilities.

At the first level, the skill decreases frontal damage by 20% for 3 seconds. Meanwhile, its cooldown time is fifty seconds.

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In order to see who is better between Hayato Firebrand vs Kelly, we will see what Kelly can do.

According to her description in the game, this character is a sprinter and an athlete who owns a passive ability named Dash.

Meanwhile, Kelly is also a great choice for players in Free Fire.

At the base level, Kelly’s ability increases the sprinting speed of the player by 19%. At the highest level, the user’s running speed would increase by 6%.


Both Hayato Firebrand vs Kelly are strong characters with distinctive abilities in Free Fire. However, when being put on a scale, the former seems to be the better choice for Clash Squad mode.

Hayato Firebrand Vs Kelly 1
Hayato Firebrand seems to have more strength compared to Kelly The Swift.

Hayato Fireband’s skill can be useful for both passive and aggressive players because it significantly decreases frontal damage. It allows the gamers’ HP to be slowly exhausted in close-range combat.

On another hand, Kelly just offers extra sprinting speed. It is also useful but is a bit lacking compared to the ability of Hayato Firebrand.

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