Kelly is one of the earliest released Free Fire character, with a very straightforward passive ability to increase running speed by a small percentage. While the speed increase is not over the top like normal characters with burst ability, it is active all the time, and that’s what mattered. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about Free Fire Kelly in Real Life.

1 - Kelly's Backstory and Design


Kelly, real name Shimada Kiriko, is a high school student whose favorite hobby is sprinting. She absolutely loves to run and can always be found on the school's track field. However, her life suddenly comes into a different path when she was kidnapped by Paloma and dropped into the vicious Battle Royale islands of Free Fire. The reason behind her kidnapping is probably the Shimada blood flowing inside her body - similar to Hayato, Kelly has a hidden power that needs to be awakened.

The "Kelly" name was adopted by her upon reaching the island. The reason behind that decision is unknown - she might have wanted to hide her real name. Kelly's personality is built around being determined, which compliments her hobby a great deal. She would always push forward no matter the obstacle as running is pretty much built into her blood.


Both Kelly and Awakened Kelly wear the same yellow tracksuit and a tank top, which is a rather boring design. However, her jacket is always unzipped, revealing her navel - a somewhat sexy element to spice it up a little.

free fire kelly real name
Free Fire Kelly real name is Shimada Kiriko

Kelly's awakening changed her hairstyle and added some red coloration onto them.

2 - Free Fire Kelly in Real Life?

Kelly, being one of the first characters created in Free Fire, was way before the "turning real-life people into Free Fire character" trend. Therefore, she was not based on any particular person. Overall, the tropes revolve around her design is the "Japanese schoolgirl" archetype, with some superpower getting thrown into the mix. She's really similar to western movie depictions of Japanese female characters.

Free Fire Kelly In Real Life
Free Fire Kelly In Real Life

3 - How to get Kelly character and awaken her true power

Kelly is a "starter" character and because of that, her price is pretty cheap. You only need to put in 2000 gold or 399 diamonds to get her. Kelly's awakened form came out sometimes ago, during the Apocalypse event. To unlock her second form, you need to have the base Kelly then complete the 4 following missions. They are pretty straightforward, however, some of them are pretty time-consuming. You would need to play as Kelly for the actions to count, of course.

Kelly Free Fire characters in real life
Kelly Free Fire characters in real life

Select Kelly>Awakening to see the 4 required missions:

  • Team up with friends and complete 100 games.
  • Get 20 Booyah! in any mode (custom room matches are not counted).
  • Eliminate 200 enemies in any mode (custom room matches are not counted).
  • Travel a total distance of 600 kilometers by running in any mode (custom room matches are not counted).

After completing the missions, you would need an Awakening Shard, which can be exchanged in the Free Fire pass with some badges or redeeming from various events.

kelly free fire characters in real life
Kelly Free Fire characters in real life

4 - Kelly's ability and how to use her


Kelly's base ability is Dash, which increases her sprinting speed by 6% at level 6. This is actually not a big deal at all - she's just a little bit faster, and it doesn't even work on normal walking. The reason behind her weak ability is that earlier characters usually get weaker abilities due to the lack of balanced designs back then.

Free Fire Kelly real image
Free Fire Kelly real image

After awakening, Kelly would become "Kelly the Swift" and gain a different ability called "Deadly Velocity". With this ability, she would gain a buff after 7 seconds of sprinting which increases the damage of her first bullet by 150 percent at maximum level. The buff would last for 5 seconds. This ability is much better than most character abilities in-game, as damage buff is pretty much the strongest skill in the game.


Kelly's Dash is pretty vanilla - you can pretty much use that skill on any character build. Deadly Velocity, however, is different. It is best used on rushers - as you would have to sprint for 7 seconds to get the buff. It would be super hard to hit enemies that way if you are camping.

Free Fire Kelly In Real Life
Free Fire Kelly In Real Life

The first bullet would deal a lot more damage - if you managed to line up a headshot, you might be able to one-shot kill an enemy with a normal AR. Kelly's ability is best combined with Alok, Luqueta and maybe Hayato. Wolfrahh's Limelight is a good pick as well.

Free Fire Kelly real name
Free Fire Kelly real image

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