Free Fire, the second most popular Battle Royale Title in India, has a unique character system. You could pick up to 4 skills to create a skillset before going into the battlefield - this added a layer of tactical calculation and build to the game that other titles of the same genre cannot compare.

In this article, we would discuss Free Fire Moco Ability, along with her design, backstory, and gameplay strategy.

1 - Moco’s Design and Backstory


Moco was released more than one year ago, on 1/22/2019, with an unlocking price of 499 diamonds or 8000 coins. You can also get this character from various events, of course.

Free Fire Moco Ability
Free Fire Moco Ability

Moco’s design is based on a futuristic “hacker” theme. A lot of portable terminals are placed on her body, especially on her waist and arm. Her whole set is decked out on a green theme, with other vibrant colors added here and there, such as her hair and terminals being blue and purple.

Overall, Moco’s design inspired by cyberpunk series hackers, with flashy neon lights all over their body and vibrant color hair.


A 20 years old hacker, dubbed “the legend of the Cyber World”. Moco is also regarded to as “chat noir” for her intelligence and special abilities - she can hack into any computer systems and extract information without any detection. After obtained the needed information, she would vacate the premises immediately.

Free Fire Moco Character
Free Fire Moco Character: Moco was caught along with Hayato and Antonio before

2 - Free Fire Moco Ability

Moco’s special ability is a passive skill called “Hacker’s eye”, which would tag any enemies shot by her for a couple of seconds. This ability is strong in both solo and squad - if you managed to damage the enemies just a little, their position would be revealed on the map for a whopping 5 seconds, enabling you or your team to flank them or throw some grenades. If the enemy decides to run or hide, you would detect them.

Free Fire Moco Character
Free Fire Moco Character

Needless to say, this ability is strong in close or middle range combat, of course, as longer range fights would be too far for any kind of flanking maneuver. Seeing where your enemy is heading for 5 seconds at a long-range is still useful, however.

Overall, Moco is pretty underrated, as her ability does not provide any direct damage or HP buff. However, information is already half the battle - if you could play around her ability, you would be able to dominate enemies in close/medium ranges easily. Below is the level progression of Moco's skills - you can level it up using memory fragments.

Free Fire Moco Ability
Free Fire Moco Ability
  • Level 1: Tag the enemies that Moco shot for 2 seconds.
  • Level 2: Tag the enemies that Moco shot for 2.5 seconds.
  • Level 3: Tag the enemies that Moco shot for 3 seconds.
  • Level 4: Tag the enemies that Moco shot for 3.5 seconds.
  • Level 5: Unlocks Moco's Hacker Jacket
  • Level 6: Tag the enemies that Moco shot for 4 seconds.
  • Level 7: Unlocks Moco Banner
  • Level 8: Tag the enemies that Moco shot for 5 seconds.

3 - Tips and Tricks on using Moco Ability in Free Fire

You would probably want to go with a normal assaulter build, with an AR plus either an SMG or even a shotgun. On medium-range firefights, if you can't finish your enemy on the first burst, prepare a grenade to throw at their location if possible. Afterward, you could either try to flank if the skill has not run out yet.

On long-range combat when you are using something like a sniper rifle, Moco's ability is not too useful - at least you would be able to know if your enemy is still inside cover or not to prepare for another assault.

4 - Skill combinations for Moco in Free Fire

Overall, it is best to pair Moco with something close combat oriented like Joseph’s Nutty Movement or Jota’s healing ability “Sustained Raid”. Outside of this, Moco can pretty much go with just about anyone - her ability gives information and not any game statistics so it does not have much synergy with the abilities of anybody else on the roster.

Free Fire Moco Ability
Free Fire Moco Ability

Clu has a somewhat similar ability that reveals enemies around her, however, it is an active one and you have to play around its cooldown. Moco’s ability is passive - it always tags shot targets.

5 - Summary

Overall, Moco is an excellent but overrated character. She is rather situational and hard to use, but if you know how to use her skill to your advantage, you would definitely be able to dominate the battlefield.

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