Free Fire’s third anniversary is almost here - players pretty much cannot wait for the day to arrive. The developers have been rolling out various new features and events as part of the warming up for anniversary celebrations - most of them have features that unlocked on the designed day.

This event would cover pretty much everything from Free Fire's release date until now

One of the new events is Time Tunnel - by playing, you can unlock several unique rewards like gun skins and costume bundles. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this event, including how to get the most out of it.

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Details about the Time Tunnel event

The event would last for 18 days and end on August 31. According to the in-game description, players can use time tokens on the tunnel to explore Free Fire’s past and future. This is a world event - every player participating in would contribute to the milestones - as soon as one milestone is passed, everyone would receive event rewards.

You must online on August 23 for the unlimited Blue Chip after every match

Details about the event currency

Two event currency can be obtained during this period: the Time Token and Blue Chip. The Blue Chip is used for unlocking Time Capsules in the Time Capsule store. There are two types of Capsules - Normal and Ultra, each with its own rewards roster. Currently, only the Normal capsules are available - the Ultra variant would only be unlocked when the third anniversary hit.

Time Capsule store with the Clown costume being the Grand Prize

Blue chips can be exchanged using Time Tokens, which in turn can be acquired by doing exploration missions with in-game characters or complete some specific tasks. You would get 1 Chip for 10 Time tokens - along with the daily 5 Token given by completing matches.

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