Gloo Walls are one of the most unique features in Free Fire - it enables players to create a makeshift barrier immediately, which makes walking around much less dangerous comparing to other battle royales.

Gloo Walls has a lot of good skins

Gloo Grenades are useful in both offensive and defensive - while the defensive aspect is evident, if you use them offensively, you should be able to corner your enemy and rush them. In this article, we would give you the five tips and tricks on how to use the Gloo Grenades more efficiently.

1 - Hold the Gloo Wall button while moving

Immediate wall placement could save you

If you are able to hold the placement of your Gloo grenade while on the move, you would be able to deploy it right away after seeing an enemy, saving a lot of reaction time.

2 - Press the Crouch button immediately before or after deploying Gloo Walls

Enemies usually would expect you to stand behind a Gloo Wall - crouching might surprise them and lead to a successful escape, as they would not be able to headshot you.

3 - Use Gloo Walls to get to otherwise unreachable places

You can get to roofs of buildings by using Gloo Walls

On the map of Free Fire, there are a lot of high places that you can't get to normally. However, you can place a Gloo wall on the side of the structure, jump on top of the wall, then jump again for the top of the structure. You can even stack Gloo Walls on top of each other as well.

4 - Fake Gloo Walls

Screen 0
You can also block vehicles with them

In the final circles, you can always deploy a Gloo Wall on some location on the map to distract and confuse your foes. Afterward, you can then either camp or flank them.

5 - Bring the Penguin

The new penguin pet, Mr. Waggor, is super good

Having Mr. Waggor as a pet would be a godsend if you are an expert in using the Gloo Grenades. The penguin would constantly pump out Gloo Grenades so that you would be able to use them even in the later phases of the game.

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