The character system has become an integral part of the Garena Free Fire experience. The game currently offers 37 playable characters for you to choose from. The two latest addition to the roster were Skyler and Shirou in the OB26 update.

Players may be overwhelmed by the existing number of characters in Free Fire. Especially when there are ones that came after collaborations with big names such as KSHMR, Cristiano Ronaldo, or DJ Alok.

However, players can still enjoy extremely powerful original characters in the game. One of the obvious picks in this category would be Kelly. She was the first character in the entire game to have an awakened form, "Kelly - The Swift."

3 Reasons Why Kelly Is A Power Pick In Free Fire Ranked Mode

#1 - Versatile Ability

Kelly in Free Fire

#2 - Easy to Combine

In Free Fire, players can combine the skills of characters in a squad to unlock incredible synergy. Kelly's ability makes her blend in nicely with other characters like Hayato, Moco, and DJ Alok. Almost every character in the game can exploit her speed boost.

#3 - Ideal for Rotating and Rushing

In the Battle Royale mode, it's essential that you move around the map efficiently to gain massive advantages. Kelly’s ability enables the whole squad to move about quicker across the Play Zone. And being a passive skill, you don't have to activate it to receive the benefits. It gives more room to play aggressively in Free Fire.

Make Quick Rotation With Kelly