Weapon skins are an important factor in Free Fire for all players because they can increase the power of the weapons. Free Fire has a huge range of options of weapon skins for players to purchase from the shop. Free Fire also releases new weapon skin often in the Incubator and the Weapon Royale.

Today, we are going to take a look at the upcoming Incubator in Free Fire, which is the Netherworld M4A1 Incubator. There will be a total of 4 skins with different colors scheme and stats.

M4A1 - Infernal Netherworld

  • Damage +
  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Reload Speed -

Netherworld M4a1 Incuabtor

The M4A1 - Infernal Netherworld skin increases both the damage and rate of fire of the M4A1, boosting its DPS up by an insane amount. The Reload Speed reduction will barely even matter since the M4A1 doesn't need to reload too often. This is definitely the best M4A1 skin in this Incubator.

M4A1 - Shadow Netherworld

  • Damage ++
  • Range +
  • Reload Speed -

The M4A1 - Shadow Netherworld skin gives the weapon a great damage buff and a bit of Range buff while reducing its Magazine size. This skin helps the weapon to perform better in long-range fights as well as buffing its damage.

M4a1 Incubator 2

M4A1 - Venom of the Netherworld

  • Range ++
  • Armor Penetration +
  • Reload Speed -

The M4A1 - Venom of the Netherworld give the weapon a massive range buff plus some Armor Penetration while reducing the Reload Speed. The M4A1 has a long effective range already so with this skin, you can even use it as a sniper rifle for long-range combats. The Armor Penetration buff also helps against enemies with high-level armor.

M4a1 Incubator Veno

M4A1 - Glacier Netherworld

  • Accuracy +
  • Armor Penetration ++
  • Movement Speed -

The M4A1 - Glacier Netherworld skin offers 2 buffs in Armor Penetration, one buff in Accuracy while reducing the Movement speed. This is the weakest M4A1 skin in this Incubator but it is still pretty good compared to most other skins.

M4a1 Incubator

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