Free Fire is a battle royale game where 50 players jump into an abandoned island to fight until there is only 1 player left. In such an intense battle, apart from having good fighting skills, information is also a very important factor to win combat.

In this article, we will show you the 3 characters in Free Fire who have the ability to spot the location of enemies.


Moco is one of the oldest characters in Free Fire. Her ability, Hacker's Eye, will track the enemy she shot for 5 seconds, which allows you to easily track down the enemy and not let them get away. This is also a passive ability so you can save the active ability slot for other characters.

Moco is also a great character for-free-to-play player because you can buy her from the shop for only 8,000 coins.



Clu's ability, Tracing Steps, will reveal the locations of enemies within her 50 meters who are not in a prone or squat position for 7 seconds. Cooldown 50 seconds. Her teammate can also see this information.

Clu is a great character to have in a team as she will help your team to easily plan out your engagement with enemies for scanning the surrounding area for troubles. Her ability can have a lot of application in battle but it is an active ability so you cannot use other OP abilities such as Chrono or K.

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Shirou is the latest character that was released in Free Fire. He was given away for free to all players who log in Free fir eon February 27. His ability Damage Delivered tracks the enemy who shot him for 8 seconds and gives him 100% armor penetration in the next shot.

With Shirou's ability, you can easily one-shot the enemy with a shotgun and you can do that easily because they are tracked. He is actually the best character that Free Fire has ever given away. This is also passive ability, which means you can combine it with Chrono skill and create a powerful counterattack combo.


New Free Fire Dreki Pet

Free Fire is about to release a new dragon pet called Dreki with a passive skill that allows players to mark an enemy within 10 meters who is using Medkit. Needless to say, this skill is absolutely insane for a pet. Basically, you get to know when the enemy is at their most vulnerable state for you to attack. For more information about Free Fire Dreki pet, check out: Free Fire Is Having A New Dragon Pet Called 'Dreki' With A Super OP Skill For Rusher Players

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