Sensitivity is one of the most important factors in Free Fire for you to have a good movement and aim. This is especially true in Clash Squad, where combats happen quite often. Having an optimal sensitivity setting will help you go a long way as you get more and more familiar with your setup. Here is how to choose the best sensitivity settings for Free Fire Clash Squad.

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The sensitivity setting is one of the most important factors in Clash Squad

Best sensitivity settings for Clash Squad

The General Sensitivity will cover the majority of your gameplay from moving, change direction, to shooting in close-range combats. You should at least set it at 60.

For the Red Dot, you will need the ability to track enemies well when they are running for precise shots so 85 would be a great option.

As for 2x Scope, 4x Scope, and AWM Scope, you need to do more experience yourself to get your own optimal sensitivity but they should be still around the sensitivity level of the Red Dot. You will be using these scopes mostly in mid-range and long-ragne combats.

There is also a Free Look setting, which you will use when you are sprinting. You should set the sensitivity of Free Look the same as the General sensitivity.

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Here is the recommended sensitivity settings for the Clash Squad mode in Free Fire

How to change sensitivity settings in Free Fire

You can follow these steps to changes the sensitivity settings in Free Fire:

  • Open the main lobby of Free Fire.
  • On the top right corner, you will see a gear icon.
  • Tap on it to open the Settings menu.
  • Choose the Sensitivity tab.

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