Landmine is a "trap" type weapon that can net you a couple of kills on unsuspecting enemies in Free Fire. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this weapon and how to use it.

1 - What is the landmine in Free Fire?

Landmine is pretty much a grenade but stationary - you can only plant it onto a location instead of throwing. If anyone steps on a landmine - it would be triggered to blow up after 2 seconds. The damage is fairly high but not enough to instantly kill a target unless the target does not have full HP or stand right on top of the mine.

The Landmine You Plant Is Visible For You

The mine is visible to you but invisible to enemies - to use one, just tap on the Grenade button to get the mine out and tap Fire to plant it. When the mine is dropped, it would be active and turn green. When an enemy steps on it, it would turn red and explodes after 2 seconds.

Use The Landmines As A Trap

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2 - Where to set up the mines

Firstly, you need to ensure that the enemy would stay on that spot long enough to trigger the mine. Just look for any valuable drops on the map and plant the mine on top of them - you can create that yourself by dropping repair kit or toolbox or medkit. The enemy's death crate, airdrops, vehicles and mushrooms are also attractive targets.

Land A Mine In A Vehicle

Chokepoints are also great locations to plant mines. You can try dropping a mine on the staircase or hallway or under a window or any general locations that opponents have to walk past. You can also set up an ambush nearby as well - in the confusion, they might get killed by the mine. You can also shoot the mine itself to detonate it immediately.

Set A Trap In The Repair Box To Surprise Enemies

Lastly, planting mines in bushes or vending machines could work super well, as opponents often want to say inside them more than 2 seconds - more than enough time for the mine to blow up and kill them.

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