Each weapon in Garena Free Fire has its own strengths and weaknesses that serve a certain purpose. Today, we'll take a look at the mid-range of the spectrum. Here are the top 5 best weapons for mid-range combats in Garena Free Fire.

#1 - SCAR

The SCAR is famous for its balanced performance and accuracy. With an impressive active range of 60 and 53 damage points, this gun is arguably the best weapon for mid-range combats. You can also opt to spray fire on enemies with its full-auto mode. Being an AR, the SCAR has decent magazine capacity, holding up to 30 rounds initially.

Mid Range Weapons Scar
The SCAR is still one of the best guns in Free Fire

#2 - AK

The trusty AK is the most powerful weapon in Free Fire that does not come in an air-drop. This gun can dish out 61 damage per shot within 72 range. But do take notice of its insane recoil. Pairing the AK with a good scope will make it a formidable weapon for mid-range combats.

Mid Range Weapons Ak
Free Fire AK Stats

#3 - XM8

Since we're talking weapons for mid-range combats in Free Fire, any gun that comes with a pre-attached scope like the XM8 is great to have. The 2X zoom factor is perfect to aim down enemies to land more shots accurately.

Mid Range Weapons Xm8
Check out the XM8's stats

The XM8 is quite balanced, also. It has a high maneuver speed of 73, a damage stat of 57, and a range of 58.

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#4 - VSS

Though the VSS is an automatic sniper rifle, somehow it slips through the cracks to become an SMG. This gun comes with a pre-attached 4x scope, which is super useful for mid-range flights. The VSS is designed for high accuracy and long active range. It has an incredible accuracy of 73 and a high range of 82.

But, there's a catch. This weapon can only hold 15 rounds of bullets in one magazine initially.

#5 - M79

The M79 is the only AOE weapon that makes it to this list. The commonly found grenade launcher has tons of potentials for mid-range combats. It throws grenades over long distances as a projectile, knocking down enemies behind Gloo Walls.

Mid Range Weapons M79
This grenade launcher is one of the best weapons for mid-range combats

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