Garena has been revealing more and more new features for the upcoming OB27 patch, scheduled for release tomorrow. There are quite a few updates for all parts of the game, from characters to weapons, menu, UI... but the most relevant is probably the Clash Squad changes.

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the OB27 Clash Squad update.

1 - New Clash Squad season

The next clash squad season will start on Thursday, April 15. Similar to the previous seasons, all players who manage to reach Gold III rank would get a special skin - this time, it is the M500 Golden.

M500 is pretty strong in Clash Squad.

2 - Dynamic store rotation

Garena has decided to spice it up a little in Clash Squad - in OB27, the store would change every round. Players would need to explore various different weapon options instead of going for the same one every time. There are 4 stores in Clash Squad ranked: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta, with 1 more added in casual Clash Squad.

Store rotation
Store rotation in Free Fire OB27 clash squad mode.

This is actually a very creative idea - players would be able to broaden their horizons and create new strategies by trying on new and different guns.

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3 - Weapon attachments

From OB27 onwards, weapons in Clash Squad would go with their attachment by default. This would streamline the shop menu and let players join the battle as soon as possible

Clash Squad Shop
You won't need to buy attachments in shops anymore.

4 - Dynamic starting area

After some observation, the developers have found that a lot of players have been using a pretty negative strategy. They stay hidden in the safe zone in OB27 Clash Squad, waiting for the circle to close before entering combat.

Clash Squad Free Fire
The starting zone would move around randomly now

To deal with this problem, Garena has modified the spawn point - it will move to a new location after every round. Due to the lack of testing, this change will only be implemented in Casual Clash Squad for the time being.

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