Free Fire Diamonds are what the majority of the game's player base strives to get. This premium in-game currency allows survivors to buy almost every item there is. Some events and features of Free Fire also require Diamonds to join/purchase. So does it mean you can not enjoy the game without money? Absolutely not! Here's how you can take surveys for rewards Free Fire. 

About Free Fire Diamonds 

There are two currencies in Garena Free Fire. One is Gold Coin, which players can earn simply by playing the game. In other words, it's free currency. Then we have Diamond, the premium one that you must purchase with real money.

Top Up Bonus Free Fire
Diamonds are expensive, even with the bonus

But since Diamond is the paid currency, you actually have more power with it. In fact, most aesthetic items in the game are purchasable with Diamonds from the in-game store. Elite Pass, Elite Bundles, as well as a bunch of other features also cost Diamonds to buy. Needless to say, Diamonds will make every dream in Free Fire comes true!

Yet, how much exactly do you have to pay for Diamonds in Free Fire?

Here's a detailed list of different Diamonds denominations and their prices in the game:

  • 100 Diamonds: 80 Rupees
  • 310 Diamonds: 250 Rupees
  • 520 Diamonds: 400 Rupees
  • 1060 Diamonds: 800 Rupees
  • 2180 Diamonds: 1800 Rupees
  • 5600 Diamonds: 4000 Rupees
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Top up with Games Kharido for maximum profit

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As you can see, Diamonds aren't cheap. And with skins and events costing anywhere between a few hundred to thousands of Diamonds, you're looking at a lot of money. So, is there any way that Free Fire survivors can earn Diamonds or rewards for free? The answer, GPT apps, and websites!

How Can You Take Surveys For Rewards Free Fire?

If you're a fan of getting free rewards, then we have great news for you. GPT apps and websites offer users a chance to get free rewards, including Google Play gift cards, Google Play Balance, Paypal credits, and more.

What are GPT Apps and Websites?

GPT (short or Get Paid To) apps and websites are developed to collect users' data. But don't take it wrong! These apps and websites are not working in a shady fashion where they secretly take your personal information and transfer them to an offshore server.

Google Opinion Rewards
Get paid for doing surveys

Instead, they ask you to provide the data yourself by completing surveys or some small tasks. You may not need to share your opinion at all since GPT apps and websites just simply ask you to fulfill simple "assignments".

And to attract users to cooperate, GPT apps and websites often introduce a little interest. In this case, virtual money or gift cards that you can actually use to purchase things. That's how you can take surveys for rewards Free Fire

Are GPT Apps and Websites Safe to Use?

So far, our experience with GPT apps and websites has been great. We haven't had any scams or frauds, to be frank. However, it's not always the case where you constantly have surveys or tasks available to do. Also, the payment rate for users in different regions/countries may vary.

Free Fire Bloodwing City
Choose the big apps for the best guarantee

With that being said, we think GPT apps and websites are great to take survey for rewards Free Fire. As long as you stick to popular or well-known apps and websites, you're pretty much fool-proofed.

Take Surveys For Rewards Free Fire Link

Here are two of the most popular GPT apps and websites that you should definitely check out!

Google Opinion Rewards

This is a quality product coming from Google, bringing you trust and credibility. Google Opinion Rewards is super popular with users all around the world. The apps just ask you to do very simple surveys to earn Google Play Credits. Once you have saved up enough credits, go ahead and buy yourself some Free Fire Diamonds!

Start sharing your opinions for free rewards right away with Google Opinion Rewards! You can find the app at the link here.


Next. we have the incredible GPT website Swagbucks. Similar to the previous one, you can take advantage of this GPT site to earn free Diamonds in Free Fire. But be aware that this website will ask you to complete a wider range of tasks, including doing small surveys, watching videos, or performing other easy actions.

Swagbucks gives you SG Credit Points, which can later be exchanged for Gift Cards or PayPal money.

In return, Swagbucks gives you SG Credit Points, which can later be exchanged for Gift Cards or PayPal money.

That's everything you need to know about how to take surveys for rewards Free Fire. If you like our article here, be sure to check out our website at for more!

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