Every Free Fire player knows that Diamonds are absolutely crucial to the game. The 2020's Mobile Game of the Year (according to eSports Awards 2020) houses perhaps the biggest collections of aesthetic items on the mobile platform. From gun skins, bundles, to emotes, it has them all. Not to mention the unique character and pet system, which you have to spend more Diamonds to acquire. But worry not. Today, we will guide you on How To Get 100 Diamonds In Free Fire 2020 via 4 completely legal ways!

How To Top Up In Free Fire With Paytm E2ab
Diamonds are the solution to pretty much anything in Free Fire

As we have mentioned above, Diamonds are the premier currency in Garena Free Fire. You can buy literally any commodity in the game with Diamonds. Even in-game events, lucky draws, or characters, and pets also cost Diamonds. They are the fuel to Free Fire's economic engine. And, free Diamonds are what we're after. However, steer clear from cheats and hacks, no matter how desperate you are. They never work and could lead to a permanent ban. With that being said, let's check out 4 LEGAL ways to get 100 free Diamonds in Free Fire.

#1 How To Get 100 Diamonds In Free Fire 2020: Advance Server

Now, you may be wondering what the Advance Server has to do with getting 100 free Diamonds? Well, there is actually a connection here. The Advance Server is where Free Fire developers put up new content for players to test out. In return, the players give feedback to the devs to improve the content's quality for the next update.

Advance Server Rewards Bugs 1
Garena pays 100 Diamonds for every bug you find

What you're missing out here is that the game publisher Garena pays you to find the problems in the Advance Server with Diamonds. So, there is your connection. By reporting potential bugs and glitches, you will be rewarded with Diamonds. They will be sent directly to your main account. For each new bug you report, Garena pays 100 Diamonds. That's one easy answer to How To Get 100 Diamonds In Free Fire 2020. 

Advance Server Rewards Bugs 2
Who reports the most bugs also brings home 3000 Diamonds

However, there are two catches to this method. Number one, the Advance Server opens irregularly, often once every two months. It's only available when the new update is ready, and you have to sign up first to join. The second thing is the fierce competition. Garena only pays for each bug once. Hence, you must be the first one to detect a bug and report it to get 100 Diamonds. Either way, the OB25 Advance Server registration is now open. Don't miss any chances of acquiring the precious currency.

#2 Weekly or Monthly Membership

If you're on a budget, then opting for a Weekly or Monthly Membership is the way to go. Currently, the Weekly Membership charges INR 159, while the Monthly option is offered at INR 599 a month. This is an easy way to solve the How To Get 100 Diamonds In Free Fire 2020 question with a tight budget.

Membership Cards Free Fire
Membership Cards are more efficient than topping-up Diamonds

These two memberships will give you Diamonds at very cheap rates, compared to topping up. They also grant access to some added benefits like the S-VIP card. You will receive 60 Diamonds daily, which adds up to 420 Diamonds a week or 2000 Diamonds a month. Elite Passes are also a good source of free Diamonds.

#3 GPT Apps and Websites

Using GPT apps and websites is by far, the most viable way of getting free Diamonds. GPT (or Get Paid To) apps rewards users for completing certain tasks. Most of the time, you will only have to do online surveys, answer some easy questions, or download an app. There are GPTs that pay in Google Play Credit or PayPal money, both can be used to purchase Diamonds.

Here are the credible GPT apps and websites you want to check out:

  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Swagbucks
  • Prize Rebel
  • ySense

#4 In-game Events

The last legal way to get your hands on some free Diamonds in Free Fire is to take part in some of the in-game events. This type of event does not come very often, but it does exist. Stay updated with the latest news from Garena for events and exclusive discounts to buy them to get additional Diamonds.

Top Up Bonus Free Fire
Don't miss the top-up events to double your investment

That completes our guide on How To Get 100 Diamonds In Free Fire 2020. All in all, there are possible ways for you to earn free Diamonds in the game, but none is reliable. They are occasional and can be time-consuming. So, if you're really a fan of the game, we strongly suggest showing the game devs some support by topping up Diamonds in the first place. Take advantage of Games Kharidos' 100% bonus to get double the value. And remember to stay tuned to GuruGamer.com for more in-depth guides.