Unlike many other battle royale titles on mobile, Free Fire features a special weapon skin system that will boost the stat of the weapon. Legendary weapon skins are normally the strongest skins of a weapon because they grant the most buffs.

However, there are certain weapons in Free Fire that still don't have a Legendary skin for themselves even though they have in the games for a while. Today, we are going to look into 5 weapons in Free Fire that still doesn't have a Legendary and find out about the reason.

1. M249

The M249 is a strong weapon that you can only get from airdrop in the game so players will rarely get to use this weapon. Even when Garena adds this gun into the Clash Squad mode, not many people want to use it.

M249 Free Fire
The M249 is not a very popular weapon among players

When Garena release new Legendary skins, they want as many players to buy it as possible. Plus, The M249 already has a few decent skins already so Garena doesn't want to give this weapon a Legendary skin.

2. M14

Ever since the M14 got buffed, it has been becoming more popular. Before the buff, it was such a weak weapon that no one wants to use it. But now the M14 is so powerful that it can overshadow all other weapons if it has a legendary skin.

M14 Free Fire

And if everyone is rushing to use the M14 only, no one will buy the Legendary skins of other weapons anymore and that is not a good thing for Garena at all. Also, the current M14 with rare skins is already really strong so there is no need for the weapon to have a Legendary skin.

3. Kar98

Kar98 is one of the oldest weapons in Free Fire but it still doesn't have a Legendary skin yet. Kar98 is a decent sniper rifle and many players love using it. But the problem is the weapon will be too powerful if it has a Legendary skin, even more than M82B and the AWM. Since the AWM is a crate weapon, Garena cannot release a skin that would make the Kar98 stronger than the AWM.

Free Fire Kar98

4. VSS

The VSS is quite an interesting weapon in Free Fire and it is, so far, still doesn't have any Legendary skin yet. The VSS is among the few weapons in Free Fire that has armor penetration and a Silencer, making it quite a dangerous weapon.


The weakness of the VSS is the damage and Rate of Fire so if it has a Legendary skin that buffs damage and Rate of Fire, it will be super OP. Garena can't afford to destroy a balance of weapons in Free Fire so the VSS won't have a Legendary skin in a very long time.

5. Thompson

The Thompson actually doesn't have any skin at all even though it has been in the game for a while now. Many players love Thomson. It is a decent weapon with good range, rate of fire, and armor penetration so it is hard to tell why it doesn't have any skin at all.

Photo 1 15865708630891416419594

One theory is that Garena still wants to make money from MP40 skins so and they afraid that skin for the Thompson will affect the skin sale of the MP40.

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