Free Fire is known to collaborate with celebrities often to create new exciting content and events for players. We have seen they collaborated with DJ Alok, Money Heist, Hritik Roshan, and DJ KSHMR,... Now, there is news coming from data miners that Free Fire is going to collaborate with Cristiano Ronaldo in the next update.

Garena has opened the registration for the Advanced Server OB25 update of Free Fire for players to join and test new features. The Advanced Server of Free Fire will be official opened in the next few days.

Free Fire E La Casa De Papel 5fcb 9757
Free Fire does collaborations with celebrities and famous shows frequently

Data miners have found the information in the upcoming update about the collaboration between Free Fire and Cristiano Ronaldo such as cosmetic items related to the footballer. There is an emote with the name Sii and the description: Envy of my movements?

Free Fire Ronando

We know that there will be a new character called Chrono coming to Free Fire in the next update and it is possible that Chrono will be the result of this collaboration. You can get more detail about Chrono in this article: Free Fire OB25 Update Leaks A New Character That Can Freeze Time.

Ob25 Update 3fb1
Chrono is a new character in the OB25 with the skill to freeze time

In addition to the items, emotes, skins, etc ... the following sentence can be found on the Advanced Server OB25: " Global Partnership With Cristiano Ronaldo ", meaning that this is not just a local event.

Still, this is just leak information so it is not 100% sure that Free Fire will collaborate with Cristiano Ronaldo. If it is true, the collaboration should start around the start of December.

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