The OB25 update of Free Fire has now opened the registration for players to join. Information about the OB25 update has also started to leak out thanks to data miners.

A few days ago, Garena revealed a poster for the OB25 update of Free Fire. In the poster, we can see the appearance of the Vector, a new Baboon Pet wearing a belt with shotgun rounds, and a scythe.

Free Fire 0b25
The OB25 update of Free Fire

There is also another picture that reveals a new character that will come to Free Fire in the OB25 update. This new character will be a female character called Snowelle (rough translation).

1 Free Fire 0b25

'New' weapon Vector

The vector was actually a very old SMG in Free Fire since the early days, but it was removed for some unknown reasons. Now, it is coming back to Free Fire in the OB25 update.

Back then, the Vector was one of the most powerful weapons in Free Fire along with the M4A1. The Vector has 3 attachment slots for Muzzle, Magazine, and Grip. The vector has 18 bullets in a magazine so you really need a Magazine attachment to increase its capacity.

Free Fire Vector

The detail about the damage and power of the Vector is currently unknown. We will have to wait until the Advance server of the OB25 update open to get more information.

New Baboon pet

In the new OB25 update, we are going to have a new Baboon pet. This pet is not going to be released at the start of the OB25 update but will be added a few weeks after. About the skill of this pet, it will increase the throwing range of Grenade, Gloo Wall, Stun Grenade, Smoke Grenade.

Baboon Free Fire

This is quite an interesting skill and it can be helpful in many situations in combat. However, it is not as strong as many other options that we already have in the game. Still, that is just my verdict and we have to wait until people try it in the game to see if it is good or not.

New Snowelle character

The OB25 update is going to bring the game a new character called Snowelle. Based on her apperance with her silver hair and a blouse coat, we can tell that she might be a researcher or a scientist from the future. We are not so sure about that yet, but we have some detail about her skill and what it does.

1 Free Fire 0b25

Snowelle's skill will prevent enemies who got shot by her from activating their skill and convert EP to HP for a certain amount of time. We don't know yet if this skill is going to be an active or passive skill yet.

But whatever it might be, this can potentially be a very powerful character since most skill combos in Free Fire now include an active skill and K is also a very common character lately.

2 Free Fire 0b25

New Scythe melee weapon

There is going to be a new scythe melee weapon in the Ob25 update. In the latest Time For Action video of Free Fire, we can see that this is the weapon that was used by the antagonist.

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