Free Fire has a lot of powerful assault rifles. Groza and SCAR are the two most favorite ARs in this game. But which one is better? Let's compare and pick up the more suitable gun for you here with

Free Fire Groza Vs SCAR

SCAR and Groza are two powerful ARs in Free Fire. Let's compare and pick up the better one for you here.


Groza is more powerful than SCAR with a higher damage point. Groza damage reaches 61 points per hit while it's 53 points in SCAR. However, SCAR has a better rate of fire than Groza. Therefore, SCAR's damage per second is higher than that of Groza.

Free Fire Groza Power
Groza has a higher damage point than SCAR

Mag Size & Reload Speed

These two guns have the same mag size of 30 bullets per load. The extended mag size of Groza is larger than that of SCAR (48 bullets of Groza and 42 bullets of SCAR). It's enough for Free Fire players to take down one to two enemies quickly.

Groza Mag Size
They have the same mag size.

Besides, the reload speed of Groza is better than SCAR, letting you reload the ammo quickly.

Effective Range & Accuracy

Free Fire ARs are most effective in mid-range combat. So do Groza and SCAR. However, Groza has a wider effective range than SCAR. Therefore, Groza is more deadly in a longer range of combat.

Free Fire Scar Range
SCAR is better in short and mid-range combat.

Moreover, Groza is more accurate than SCAR. It makes this AR more preferred in this game. Especially, it's more stable and versatile than SCAR with very low gun recoil. Therefore, Groza is always the best choice for beginners in Garena Free Fire.

It Has Great Dps
SCAR Has Great DPS

Movement Speed

In terms of movement speed, SCAR is better than Groza. You can run and move faster and more agilely when grabbing a SCAR in your hands. Keep in mind that moving speed is also an important element in this shooting game.

Both These Guns Are Powerful
Both These Guns Are Powerful


Groza is better for rookies while veterans prefer SCAR. Besides, SCAR is better in short and mid-range combat while Groza is a better choice for a longer range of engagements.