Free Fire weapon skins are very beneficial that will make your gun better. It sometimes can help you win in this game. Let's check out the top 10 best weapon skins in this shooting game below.

Star General M4A1

This M4A1 gun skin is one of the best weapon skins for this powerful AR. It helps increase the damage and range of this AR a lot. However, the ammo capacity of this gun will decrease a bit when you equip this gun skin. M4A1 Star General was available to obtain in the Weapon Royale.

Star Generalm4a1
Star General M4A1 is one of the most favorite gun skins in Free Fire.

M4A1 is one of the God-tier weapons in Free Fire with huge damage. But it can be more deadly and dangerous to the enemy when you equip this rare Star General skin to this gun.

Lively Beast M60

The rate of fire will increase significantly when you equip this stunning gun skin to M60. However, the magazine size also drops slightly but you don't need to worry because M60 is powerful enough to take the enemy down in a few shots.

Lively Beast
Lively Beast M60 is a fancy gun skin

Moreover, the clip size of this gun is large enough for you to do a clutch if you master your shooting skill. The Lively Beast loot crate is available to purchase in the in-game store which costs you 35 diamonds.

Winterlands Groza

The Winterlands loot crate is also available to buy in the Free Fire store. You have to spend some diamonds to open the crate and receive this stunning and useful gun skin. Groza Winterlands helps increase the rate of fire but reduce the accuracy of this gun a bit.

Winterland Groza
Winterlands Groza was introduced at Christmas

Therefore, you should equip it if you are confident with your aiming and shooting skill. This amazing skin was introduced in the Christmas celebration.

Aurous Dragon SCAR

Aurous Dragon is a stunning weapon skin for SCAR available in the Lunar New Year Weapon Box. It increases the damage and range of this gun. However, it reduces magazine capacity. Moreover, this gun skin has two main colors of golden and black with an Asian Dragon pattern. It makes the gun look very cool.

Aurous Dragon Scar
Aurous Dragon SCAR looks very cool

Clownfish M249

This gun skin increases the rate of fire for this beast weapon. It makes this gun more powerful and dangerous. Besides, Clownfish M249 increases the reload speed which is very beneficial for this weapon because M249 has a large magazine of 100 bullets. However, the range of fire is decreased slightly. This gun skin is not available to obtain now.

M249 Clownfish Skin
M249 Clownfish Skin

Spikey Spine AN94

Spikey Spine is a fancy skin for AN94 which increases the range and rate of fire. However, it also reduces magazine capacity. You can pay more than 60 diamonds to open the Spikey Spine crate to obtain this skin by chance. This stunning skin has a neon purple color with purple crystals pervading.

Skin An94 Spikey Spine Free Fire
Spikey Spine AN94

Cupid SCAR

We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of this beast and stunning skin in Free Fire. It increases the damage and rate of fire a lot and reduces the effective range. Besides, it's also one of the best weapon skin for SCAR. You can obtain to complete the Cupid set. Free Fire girls may love and wish to get it in their armory inventory.

Cupid Scar
Cupid SCAR

Lively Beast XM8

Lively Beast is also equipable for XM8. Like the Lively Beast skin for M60, this gun skin also helps increase the rate of fire a lot. However, it also reduces the mag size of this assault rifle. The Lively Beast loot crate is cheaper than other weapon crates.

Flaming Dragon AK

This beast gun skin is also one of the best gun skin for the Grandmaster tier in Free Fire. It increases the damage and rate of fire a lot while the mag size drops a bit. It has three main colors, including white, black, and red that looks very cool and impressive.

Flaming Dragon Ak
Flaming Dragon AK looks very cool and impressive

As we all know, AK is a powerful AR. Therefore, the Flaming Dragon skin will make this weapon a beast AR with higher damage and firing rate. Therefore, you don't need to worry about the mag size because its power is enough to clear an enemy team without reloading.

Titan SCAR

It's the best gun skin in Free Fire, according to a lot of pro players, streamers, and YouTubers. It increases the rate of fire and damage of this AR a lot. Like many previous gun skins, it also decreases the mag size of this AR. However, like Flaming Dragon AK, this gun skin also makes SCAR a beast weapon that can eliminate some enemies quickly.

Titan Scar
Titan SCAR is the best weapom skin in Free Fire