In our previous article, we have revealed that the OB25 update of Free Fire is going to bring a new character called Snowelle, a new pet, and the Vector into the game. Now, we have learned that there will be another character coming to the game in the OB25 update named Chrono and his skill is absolutely insane.

New Free Fire character Chrono

  • Name: Chrono
  • Age: 35
  • Job: Bounty Hunter
  • Skill: Time Tunnel

The new Chrono character is inspired by the God of time, KRONOS (Cronus), in Greek mythology. Chrono is a Bounty Hunter who can manipulate time to protect him and give him speed.

Ob25 Update
Chrono will be the new character in the OB25 update of Free Fire

His skill is called Time Tunnel, which creates a field around him that blocks bullets and increases the movement speed for him and his allies. This skill will be just like the skill of Alok, creating a circle that follows Chrono.

There is not much information about the skill yet, but it is possible that it will only block a portion of damage from bullets like the skill of Hayato Awaken. Still, this is an extremely OP skill because it will not disappear when you shot enemies. Furthermore, the additional movement speed will make you a hard target to hit. Chrono will definitely be one of the hottest characters in Free Fire when he comes out.

New Shotgun MAG-7

Free Fire will have an addition in its shotgun collection in the OB25 update with the new MAG-7 shotgun. The MAG-7 will be expected to have 5 bullets with high damage and also high recoil. More information about the weapon will be revealed in the future.

Maxresdefault 1
The MAG-7 has high damage and high recoil

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