Apart from the official version, Garena Free Fire periodically rolls out the trial upgraded version of the game on the advanced server with new features, characters, and pets. A few days ago, the game developer opened pre-registration for the next version of Free Fire Advance Server OB25. According to that, players who sign up to experience the new version first-hand will have a lot of updated features like the Character Snowelle, a new SMG Vector, and a new pet called Baboon. While there is some information about the new character and weapons, we rarely have any information about the Baboon pet. Today, let’s find out more about what it is and how it can help us to get more Booyah in-game.

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Free Fire new pet Baboon

It’s visible that Garena Free Fire always tries to test the limit and roll out brand new ideas no matter when it comes to pets, characters or weapons. Already have 11 pets available in-game, Free Fire, however, is about to release a new pet called Baboon (unofficial name).

Being one of the world’s largest monkey species, Baboons can be found in large numbers in Arabia and Africa. In reality, male baboons can have the size of a human while female ones are only half of it. Unlike other friendly monkeys, you find at the zoo, baboons are wild and untamed animals, which makes them dangerous to other small species and even humans too.

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Free Fire Baboon pet ability

When it comes to Free Fire, the game developers give the wild monkey an impressive look and a powerful ability. According to some leaked sources, Free Fire new pet Baboon can help the player increase the throwing range of weapons like Gloo Grenade and many others. This is an active and supportive skill that will be suitable for many players. Whether Baboon is the perfect companion for you or not also depends on your playstyle.

How to get Free Fire new pet Baboon

The giant monkey will be introduced for the first time on the Free Fire Advance Server OB25, which is all set to release in the near future. At the moment, you can go to the official website of Garena Free Fire Advance Server and sign up to play when the server is open.

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