Free Fire Continental Series 2020, the biggest Free Fire tournament this year, is going into its end phase this Sunday. The Asia Grand Finals consist of the 12 strongest Free Fire squads in the continent... and one of them is Indian - Total Gaming Esports. For this occasion, Free Fire India has come up with quite a few rewards for players in the Indian server to encourage more supports for the tournament.

In this article, we would list out the various details of the FFCS Event Reward and what you must do to get them.

1 - Free Character

If the number of live watchers reaches 150k, Free Fire would give players a new character of their choosing, just like what they did in the 3rd-anniversary event. However, this time, the roster has only 23 characters to choose from, cutting out the most recent characters... and DJ Alok.

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This is an expected move, as people might already have the older characters... while the newer characters are usually not purchased yet. Notable names in the roster are Wukong, Steffie and Wolfrahh.

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2 - Free Level 8 Card

This card would instantly upgrade any character to level 8 - if you have just bought a character like K and haven't upgraded him to max yet, this would be a golden opportunity. The card is probably intended to be used in combination with the previous reward, enable you to use your new character immediately.

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This level 8 card is super valuable - it costs 5000 Diamonds in the shop. After the live watching number reaches 300k, it would be added to everyone's inventory.

3 - Free Emote

The new Emote is called "Let's Go"... and it is going to be exclusive for this event - you won't be able to find it anywhere else. When activated, your character would pull out two cheering items and wave it around - this is something people often do at a stadium to cheer for sports.

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Overall, "Let's Go" is perfect for the theme of an Esports Tournament.

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