Garena is usually pretty conservative about adding new characters into the game. They often introduce like 2 or 3 characters in the advance server beta, then pick only 1 to be part of the update. OB27 turned out to be the exception, with 2 new characters Xayne and Maro added to the game.

In this article, we are going to compare the two new characters in Free Fire to see which one is more useful.

1 - About Maro's ability

Maro, the newest male character in Free Fire, is based on the Egyptian star Muhammad Ramadan. The in-game character is a falconer whose hobby is bowhunting. Maro's ability is Falcon Fervor. He is going to be available at a later collaboration event.

Free Fire Maro
New Maro Character in Free Fire
  • At level 1, Falcon Fervor increases your gun damage based on the distance to the target, with the maximum value being 5%. An extra 1% bonus is applied on marked targets (by Moco or Shirou's ability).
  • At max level, the maximum damage bonus increases to 25% and the marked damage bonus increases to 3.5%. While this might look impressive on paper, most of the time you won't get the maximum damage bonus - battles in Free Fire usually occurs at medium range.
Falcon Fervor
Maro's ability Falcon Fervor

Overall, Maro is a great addition to sniper builds - alongside the previously mentioned Shirou and Moco, Rafael's new ability would be perfect to combo with Falcon Fervor. The raw damage boost also works better on sniper rifles, with a single bullet dealing high damage.

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2 - About Xayne's ability

Xayne is a completely original character. She is an extreme sports athlete who likes to travel. Her ability is an active skill named Xtreme Encounter.

New character Xayne in Free Fire
  • At level 1, Xtreme Encounter gives the player 80HP and 40% increased damage to gloo walls and shields for 10 seconds, on a 150 seconds cooldown. The HP increase is temporary - you lose 80 HP when the skill ends... but the damage won't be lethal.
  • At max level, the bonus damage increases to 100%, and the cooldown reduces to 100 seconds.

Overall, this is a perfect Assaulter ability - with the skill active, you can just shoot through gloo walls to deal damage to enemies hidden behind.

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3 - Xayne vs Maro: Who is better?

Overall, both characters are great in their own build, with Xayne being more useful for Assaulters and Maro being more useful for Snipers. However, Xayne's ability is more game-changing - the extra HP could save your life while the huge bonus damage lets you turn the tide of battle. Maro's ability, on the other hand, is just a boring damage boost passive.

Maro Vs Xayne
Xayne VS Maro: Who is better?

Verdict: Xayne is the better of the two.

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