Weapon accuracy is crucial in Free Fire. The higher the accuracy stat, the better the weapon would work at long range. This stat is essential for all sniper weapons - the higher the stat, the easier it is to hit your target.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 weapons with the highest accuracy in Free Fire OB27. Special weapons like the Gatling, Launcher, or Crossbows won't be part of this list.

5 - CG15

Accuracy: 60

The CG15 is a hybrid between an SMG and an Assault Rifle. It has one of the highest ranges in its class. Because of that, you can use the weapon to chip at the enemies at long range instead of having to go close and personal like other SMGs.

CG 15
The futuristic CG 15 in Free Fire

The special ability of the CG15 allows you to charge a few seconds to release a shot that deals much higher damage. The high accuracy score of the weapon is vital in performing the special charged shot.

4 - Vector

Accuracy: 61

Akimbo Vector Free Fire
Vector is the first dual-wielding gun in Free Fire

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It is pretty weird that the new SMG Vector has such a high accuracy stat despite being a close-range weapon. This is probably part of the reason why this gun is considered to be OP in OB26. In OB27, Vector is less accurate while moving, but it retains the massive damage and fire rate.

Overall, the Vector is still extremely strong and worth using.

3 - Woodpecker

Accuracy: 69

Woodpecker in Free Fire

The best DMR released in Free Fire to date - Woodpecker has the highest damage amongst semi-auto SRs, with a whopping 85 damage and 75 armor-piercing. This makes the gun effective in all stages of the game, even if enemies got their hand on level 3 armors and helmets.

The only weakness of the Woodpecker is its slightly lower range comparing to other guns in its role.

2 - VSS

Accuracy: 73

VSS in Free Fire

The most special weapon in this class - in other games, it is actually considered a sniper rifle or assault rifle. The VSS's main feature is the ability to snipe from afar - it comes equipped with its own scope right from the start... and with 82 range, it could snipe as well as any AR.

It is the third most accurate weapon in the game - with 73 Accuracy, the VSS hits the target more often than any AR.

1 - All Sniper Rifles

Accuracy: 90

AWM in Free Fire

All three sniper rifles in Free Fire tied on the top of this list. They are all weapons of extremely long range, exchanging the ability to rapid-fire for sniping potential. Due to their low magazine and slow fire rate, the damage potential of sniper rifles is actually pretty low. If their accuracy is also low, no one would use them at all.

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