Garena has overhauled the skill system of Free Fire in this OB27 update. The patch has brought an array of new abilities along with huge buffs to underpowered ones. Amongst the changes, the most notable addition is probably the new character Xayne.

With Xayne's ability being an active skill, it can only be combo-ed with passives. Therefore, in this article, GuruGamer is going to list out the top 5 best abilities to combo with Xayne.

1 - Kelly the Swift's Deadly Velocity

The very first character that can magnify Xayne's strengths is Kelly, the so-called power pick in Free Fire ranked mode. Xayne's Xtreme Encounter is an extremely aggressive ability that boosts your HP and Gloo Wall damage in the middle of combat. Deadly Velocity should work great in tandem with that, providing you a little extra speed for positioning and extra damage shots after sprints.

Free Fire Kelly
Kelly's Deadly Velocity

The extra damage from Deadly Velocity is multiplied even higher by Xayne's skill. Because of that, you can even take down a Gloo Wall in one shot.

2 - Miguel's Crazy Slayer

With Xayne's skill equipped, you would not be able to heal using Alok or K's ability. Miguel's Crazy Slayer can be a decent replacement in the role - you get 70 EP after each kill, enough to heal the chip damage taken.

Free Fire Miguel
Miguel's Crazy Slayer

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3 - Wolfrahh's Limelight

You can only use Xayne's ability a few times per match, and because of that, you need to get the most benefit out of the skill (each activation should be a kill). Wolfrahh's ability gives you extra limb damage and headshot protection, which are the best bonuses in Free Fire.

Free Fire Wolfrahh
Wolfrahh's Limelight

4 - Luqueta's Hat Trick

Luqueta's ability works under the same logic as Wolfrahh's - you need to use Xtreme Encounter to get the first few kills. After Luqueta's Hat Trick reaches max level, you are going to have 235 HP to play with instead of the normal 200.

Luqueta Free Fire
Luqueta's Hat Trick

This is actually really strong because all guns in Free Fire are designed around the player having only 200 HP. You won't be instantly killed by sniper shots anymore.

5 - Hayato's Bushido

With Xayne's Xtreme Encounter's aggressive tendency, it is best to equip Bushido, another aggressive passive, to go along with it. With this combo, you can leave your HP a little bit lower to get the extra armor penetration from Bushido then bring it back up immediately with Xayne's skill when shot at.

Hayato Free Fire
Hayato's Bushido

Above are the top 5 abilities in Free Fire to combo with Xayne in the new OB27 update. Visit our website for more interesting news.

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