Free Fire OB27 has brought a lot of balance changes to the game's skill system, making old characters usable. However, the feature that players are most hyped for is still the new characters, Xayne and Maro. Currently, only Xayne is available in the game, with Maro scheduled for a later event. In this article, we are going to find out which pet and weapon to use with Xayne.

Free Fire New Character Xayne

1 - Which pet is suitable for Xayne?

Overall, Xayne should use aggressive pets or healing pets, as the 80 extra HP from her ability is just temporary. You would lose it when the duration runs out.


Xayne's ability has a rather high cooldown of 100 seconds at max level - you can't use it very frequently. Rockie's "Stay Chill" ability would cut it down to 85, letting you use the skill more often in a match.

Free Fire Rockie Pet
Rockie Pet in Free Fire

Detective Panda

You would get less healing by picking Xayne's ability instead of K or Alok's... and Detective Panda would deal with that. After each kill, you get 10 HP back - while this is not a big number, every single point of HP matters in Free Fire.

Detective Panda
Detective Panda Pet in Free Fire


Dreki's Dragon Glare detects enemies who are using medkit in the radius, letting you find and attack them. It is a great addition to Xayne's aggressive capability.

New Pet Dreki
Dreki Pet in Free Fire

Overall, these 3 pets are the best to use with Xayne

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2 - Which weapon to use with Xayne?

As her skill effectively doubles the damage your weapon deals on Gloo Walls and Shields, it is best that you use a weapon with a high magazine or equip your weapon with an extended magazine.

Light machine guns (M60/M249/Kord)

The LMG class is buffed massively in this update, with all 3 weapons getting new powers if you crouch when using them. In combination with Xayne's skill, you can just grind through the shield or Gloo Wall to hit the enemy hidden behind them.

Kord Gun in Free Fire
Free Fire's new weapon Kord LMG


The M82B already deals extra damage to Gloo Walls. With Xayne's ability active, that extra damage would also be doubled. You would be able to destroy both the wall and the foes that hide behind it with just one or two shots.

Free Fire M82b
Free Fire M82b gun

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