Free Fire's weapon system is continuously expanding, with new guns getting added by Garena in every big patch. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 weapons with the highest damage in Free Fire OB27. While machine guns technically have the highest damage per second, these below weapons have the higher damage per bullet.

5 - M82B

Damage: 90

Free Fire M82b
Free Fire M82b is the strongest sniper rifle.

The only sniper rifle on this list. While the M82B has the same damage stat of 90 as other sniper rifles, it has an extra ability of armor penetration. This enables the gun to be effective at the late game against armors and helmets level 3.

The M82B also has a couple of other extra power as well, like the ability to penetrate Gloo Walls and Vehicles. For balance purposes, the M82B has less headshot damage than the AWM and the Kar98k.

4 - M1014

Damage: 94

M1014 Apocalyptic Red
M1014's Apocalyptic Red Skin

Shotguns, in exchange for their low accuracy and short-range, have the highest damage in the game. If you managed to catch a target with a shotgun shell at short range, it would be shredded. The M1014 has been the most popular shotgun in the game, with the ability to repeatedly fires out 94-damage shots.

3 - SPAS 12

Damage: 97

Spas12 Free Fire
SPAS 12 stats in Free Fire

The SPAS 12 is the least popular shotgun in the class, due to the weakness of having to reload every time you fires. It has slightly higher damage than the M1014 but overall not worth using. If you miss your first shot, it is very likely that the enemy would be able to kill you.

The spread of the SPAS 12 is tighter compared to other shotguns - you should be able to get headshots more easily.

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2 - M1887

Damage: 100

M1887's Rapper Underworld skin

The M1887 has the characteristics of both the M1014 and the SPAS 12, however, it is better than both of them. With 100 damage and 54 armor penetration, it deals much more damage than the SPAS and is more effective in the late game than the M1014. Furthermore, the M1887 has 2 bullets in its chamber, which eliminates the SPAS' weakness of single-shot.

Overall, if you are going to use a shotgun, the M1887 is the best choice.

1 - Crossbow

Damage: 90 + 100

Crossbow in Free Fire
This is the weapon with the Highest Damage In Free Fire OB27

The Crossbow is a special weapon in Free Fire - a single bolt would deal damage 2 times. When fired, the crossbow bolt deals 90 damage on hit then explodes to deal 100 more damage in a small radius. In exchange for this power, the bolt's speed is fairly low and its range is also mediocre. Most people would not be able to hit the bolt - in that case, enemies only take 100 explosion damage.

This weapon is also pretty hard to find, with a lowered spawn rate comparing to normal guns.

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