Free Fire Tri-Series 2021 first week has come to an end, and with it, the group stage of the tournament. All squads have displayed a breathtaking show of skill... with 12 squads getting their tickets for the grand finals on April 25th, 2021.

In this article, we would showcase everything you need to know about Free Fire Tri-Series 2021's second week.

1 - Overall Standings and Qualified Squads

The 12 top slots consist of 5 Indian teams, 4 Bangladeshi teams, and 3 Pakistani teams. Team Elite from India tops the table with 372 points and 175 kills. The runner-up is Pakistani squad House of Blood, with 260 points and 137 kills. This speaks wonders about how the rest of the competition was dominated by Team Elite - they have a whopping 112 more points than the 2nd place.

12 qualified teams
12 qualified teams for the Grand Final

Sixth Sense from India finished in third place with 231 points and 104 kills.

groups standing
Final groups standing of Free Fire Tri-Series 2021

India's last squad, Last Breath, was almost in - they have the same number of points as #12, Demons' Prize, with 27 more kills. However, they were ranked lower based on various other stats.

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2 - About Free Fire Tri-Series 2021's final day

  • House of Blood secured the first booyah on Bermuda with 10 kills. Runner ups are Jawbreakers and Nemesis with 10 and 2 kills respectively.
  • The second and third matches of the day are on Purgatory and Kalahari. They were won by team Chaos and Nemesis from India, with 12 and 8 kills to their name.
  • The fourth and fifth matches of the day on Bermuda and Purgatory were claimed by Riot and Team Chaos, with 4 and 6 kills.
  • The last match of the day on Kalahari was won by Revengers with 12 kills. Last Breath was the runner-up with 11 kills - if they managed to get just one more kill in this match they would have gotten in.

3 - Individual performances

4/5 MPV are Indians, with Team Elite dominates the kill leaderboard. Elite Pahadi is #1, with 63 kills and 32,645 damage. His teammates Killer and Iconic finished in the 3rd and 4th spot with 42 and 41 kills.

MVP Standings
MVP Standings in the group stage

Kai from House of Blood finished in 2nd place with 47 kills and 26,926 damage. Mr. Jay from Sixth Sense finished in the 5th spot with 35 kills.

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