The first week of Free Fire Tri-Series 2021 has come to an end. Throughout the three days, teams from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have clashed against each other in fierce battles. In this article, we would showcase the overall standings of the tournament and how Indian squads have been doing.

1 - Week 1's results and overall standing

Team Elite from India has been dominating the tournament utterly, with 199 points and 95 kills... 79 more than the second place, Sixth Sense (also from India) with 120 points and 51 kills. House of Blood is the only Pakistan team who managed to get into the top half of the table - taking third place with 119 points and 67 kills.

Overall Standing
Overall Standing of the tournament after day 3

Number 4 to 6 are 3 Bangladeshi teams and 3 Indian teams, with about the same amount of points as each other. Week 2 of this stage would begin on April 16 and last for 3 days. Afterwards, 12 squads would be picked for the finals on April 25th.

2 - Details about the 3rd day

Six matches were played yesterday, with the first match being Bermuda. The first Booyah was claimed by team Revengers with 10 kills. The 2nd and 3rd spots are team Hotshot with zero kills and Riot with 3 kills.

day 3 MVP
Individual standings for Free Fire Tri-Series 2021's 3rd day

The 2nd and 3rd matches of the day on Purgatory and Kalahari were claimed by TM Swag and Riot, with seven and six kills respectively. The fourth and fifth matches on Bermuda and Purgatory are also dominated by Riot and TM Swag once again, with 7 and 4 kills. Nemesis claimed the final match with 7 kills.

Riot and TM Swag's stellar performance today is what brought them back to the top half of the table. Last Breath is the only Indian team stuck on the bottom half of the table.

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3 - MVP leaderboards

India's Team Elite claimed the first 3 spots on the MVP leaderboard, with Pahadi, Killer, and Iconic getting 39, 23, and 21 kills to their names. The fourth and fifth spots are Danny from House of Blood and Mehedi from Execute Ex.

tournament MVP
Indians dominate the MVP standings

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