Every once in a while, Garena Free Fire drops a new event, offering players a chance to win or purchase various items. These items are either free or discounted, which is not something you want to miss out on. And recently, a new Free Fire Call Back event 2021 has kicked off. Here's what you need to know to complete it and claim multiple free rewards.

What is Free Fire Call Back Event 2021?

Have you ever downloaded and installed a game on your phone, played a little while then just left it there. Some may even delete the game from their devices. Well, that is also the case with Garena Free Fire players. Not everyone can stay with the title for months on ends. And Garena knows it!

Free Fire Fighter
Ask your friends to rejoin the fight and claim multiple free rewards.

So, in an effort to draw players, who have been inactive for a long time, back to the game, the officials introduce the Friends Call Back events. The Free Fire Call Back event 2021 is one in the same lineup, designed to garner the attention of inactive players through the power of social media.

What's in the event that makes it appealing to Free Fire survivors? It's the free rewards. By inviting old-time players, who have long been out of the game, to make a comeback, both the inviters and the invitees receive welcoming rewards! The rewards may include free skins, bundles, currencies, or other in-game items.

Who Are Qualified for Free Fire Call Back Event 2021?

Every Free Fire survivor can be an inviter to ask their friends to re-join the game. However, on the receiving end, the other players have to be inactive in Garena Free Fire for quite a long time. That means they haven't logged into the game by any means for an extended period of time. Therefore, players who are offline for more than a couple of months are eligible for this requirement.

Friends Call Back Event 2
The players must be inactive for an extended period of time.

So, how do you know how long a player has been inactive in the game? Just open the event page, hit the "Call Back" button, and a list of friends who are offline for over 7 days will pop up.

K.O. Night Friends Call Back Event

In case you haven't heard, Garena Free Fire has just rolled out a brand new update patch - the OB27 update. And the first big-themed event in this update is the K.O. Night event, which is currently underway. It kicked off on April 17th and will conclude on May 3rd.

Free Fire Ko Night Event Banner
The K.O. Night is underway in Garena Free Fire

The main K.O. Night theme is divided into various sub-events that giveaways multiple rewards for free. And the K.O. Night "Friends Call Back" event is one of them. Here are the details you need to know.

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Free Fire's K.O. Night Friends Call Back Event

Event Duration: April 24th - April 28th.

Friends Call Back Event 1
Invite your friends back to receive the following rewards

Event Rewards:

  • 5 KO Night Ultimate Belts - Call back one friend
  • Knockout Swing baseball bat skin - Call back three friends
  • 5 KO Night Ultimate Belts - Call back five friends
  • 3 Weapon Royale Vouchers - Call back seven friends

So, after successfully asking just three friends of yours to rejoin Garena Free Fire, you will earn a Knockout Swing baseball bat skin for free! We're sure that the most appealing item out of the available ones.

How to Complete Call Back Event in Free Fire?

During the time of the K.O. Night Call Back event, players can receive up to four rewards for free. All you have to do is to share a link on social media handles and invite friends back to Free Fire. But remember, the players (your friends) have to be offline for an extended period of time to trigger the rewards.

The more friends you invite back, the more rewards you get. Every inactive player in your friend list who revisits Free Fire via your social media link counts as one legitimate entry. Don't miss your chance to claim such easy bounties in Garena Free Fire!

Here are the steps you need to complete the Free Fire Call Back event 2021 and win a free Knockout Swing baseball bat skin:

  • #1: Run Garena Free Fire, then open the "Friends" page using the icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • #2: Click on the "Friends Call Back" tab.
  • #3: Choose the Call Back option on the right side of the screen. It will display a list of your social media friends.
  • #4: Click on the invite option and share the invite link to your social media handles.
  • #5: Each friend of yours who joins Garena Free Fire via the shared link will count as one valid entry. Wait and receive your rewards!
Free Fire Ko Night Event
Don't miss other K.O. Night sub-event

That's it for now in our guide to Free Fire Call Back event 2021! We hope that you have found the information you need to understand this event. For more guides, tips, and news regarding Garena Free Fire, visit our website at GuruGamer.com.

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