Events are what Garena Free Fire never seems to run out of. Every once in a while, the game drops a new event, offering players a chance to win exclusive rewards. On top of that, these events are also limited-time, which makes the items much more valuable. For example, the new Mystery Shop has just hit the online servers.

12 Mystery Shop Free Fire Draw Discounts
The 12.0 Mystery Shop is here in Garena Free Fire

This is the 12th edition of the Mystery Shop. If you don't know, the shop offers massive discounts on certain in-game items, including bundles, characters, and cosmetics. Let's find out more about the event!

Free Fire's New Mystery Shop Event

As we have mentioned before, the 12th edition of the Mystery Shop has arrived at Garena Free Fire. However, the event is currently available in certain regions only. For now, players in the European and Pakistani servers can access the event. It will likely hit the Indian server soon.

Players can check out the Mystery Shop under the Luck Royale tab. It offers amazing discounts (up to 90%) on various in-game items.

12 Mystery Shop Free Fire Discounts
Draw your own Lucky Discount

Here are the guidelines you need to know about the event:

Switch Function

Players have the ability to switch between different prize pools during the event, using the Switch button. And once you acquire the Grand Prize of a prize pool, the game will automatically switch to another prize pool.

12 Mystery Shop Free Fire Switch
You can freely switch between the prize pools


There's a function known as the Grand Prize Unlock feature. Players can accumulate the progress bar by purchasing normal items. Once the progress bar is fully charged up, the Grand Prize will be unlocked.

12 Mystery Shop Free Fire Purchase
Purchase items to stack up the Progress bar

Free Fire's New Mystery Shop is the perfect opportunity for players to obtain exclusive cosmetics, characters, pets, and more at the most affordable price points. And about the Grand Prizes of the two prize pools, they are the Breakbone Sheriff Bundle and the Brokebone Deputy Bundle.

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