Garena Free Fire has a support/help center that takes care of users’ problems related to the title. A lot of issues come up like lost diamonds, hackers, account loss, or payment failures…

Nevertheless, one of the most encountered issues that many players cope with while playing is losing their game accounts. You lose your profile access and are unable to log in back to their game.

The Help Center owns a separate part in regards to the concerns. And in this article, provides a detailed guide on how to recover a lost Free Fire account from the Help Center.

How To Recover A Lost Free Fire Account
How to recover a lost Free Fire account via Help Center.

How to get back a lost account on Free Fire

In terms of account loss, the developers consider these three criteria:

  • Lost Guest Account
  • Lost FB account
  • Account Ban
Players Can Recover Lost Fb Accounts
Players can recover lost Facebook accounts.

In case you want to know how to recover a lost Free Fire account, you can follow these steps:

1. Reach Facebook’s login page, or click here.

2. Choose the 'Forgotten Password' button.

3. Type in your mobile number or email address to seek the account. As the profile appears, pick the option to receive the OTP on the phone number you want.

4. Reset your password and log into Facebook.

5. Now, you run Free Fire and re-login with the new password. The original profile will be opened again.

It would be a big shame if you lost a gaming account that you have paid so much effort to. Hopefully with our guide, you can get it back if the bad situation ever occured.

Players Can Tap On The Forgotten Password Option
Players can also tap on the Forgotten Password option.

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What Garena says about recovering banned/lost accounts

Previously, Free Fire has declared that no recovery method is possible for lost and banned guest accounts. As per the Free Fire Help Center, they stated regarding the account ban,

"The use of third-party applications that allows any user to acquire an unfair competitive advantage is strictly prohibited. Such behavior undermines the integrity of the community and ruins the game for everyone. As such, we adopted a zero-tolerance policy, and any account found guilty will be permanently suspended and is final."

When it comes to banned accounts’ recovery, no appeal would be entertained. Meanwhile, for guest accounts that get lost, you will need to make a new permanent account. And there is not a way to recover guest account data.

Garena stated,

"Game data of your guest account is stored in your device and is not stored in our servers. Sadly, if you lose your device or game data is deleted, there is no way for us to recover it."

That is why players are only able to get lost Facebook accounts back. There is no possible recovery for guest or banned accounts in Free Fire.

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