Free Fire's skill system is one of the best parts of the game, with players being able to customize their character to create their own strategies. OB27 update has overhauled and rebalanced a lot of old characters, with useless characters like Maxim get buffs while overpowered characters like Chrono get nerfs.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best support abilities in Free Fire OB27.

5 - Notora's Racer Blessing

Notora's ability lets you heal all of your teammates inside the vehicle at a rate of 1HP per second at max level. While this heal is very slow, it is free and unlimited. By sitting in the car for a few seconds, everyone in your team could get back to full.

Notora in Free Fire

4 - Olivia's Healing Touch

Olivia is amongst the top winners of OB27. Her skill was buffed tremendously - all players revived by Olivia would get an extra 70 HP instead of just 40. This extra HP might look small but it is actually really valuable - your downed teammate can start fighting right away without having to use a medkit.

Olivia is one of the earliest character in Free Fire

When used in combination with Kapella's ability, this skill would become even stronger, as both skills stack on top of each other and would give the downed teammate a lot of HP.

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3 - Awakened Andrew's Wolf Pack

Awakened Andrew provides you with an improved version of the Wolf Pack skill. Aside from the 14% extra armor durability, each teammate with the ability would increase the bonus by 1.5 percent. With all squadmates having the same skill, the bonus would become 20%.

Awakened Andrew would work pretty well with Shani's ability, which also boosts armor durability.

Awaken Andrew Free Fire
Awakened Andrew in Free Fire

2 - K's Master of All

K's Master of All ability has 2 modes. One lets you regen EP for free while the other increases you and your teammates' EP consumption rate by a factor of 5. As long as this mode is active, you would regen HP as fast as Alok's ability. Master of All also boosts your Maximum EP limit by 50 as well.

DJ KSHMR in Free Fire

1 - Alok's Drop the Beat

Alok is usually considered amongst the strongest characters ever released in the game due to his ability's multiple powers. Normally, a character's skill only gives one bonus (like Kelly's speed for example), however, Alok's skill can pretty much do everything. The best part is that all bonuses also affect teammates in the area.

Free Fire Alok Character
Alok Character in Free Fire

Alok's skill is so brokenly powerful that after a lot of characters were added to the game, he is still the best character in Free Fire.

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