Garena has overhauled the skill system of Free Fire in this OB27 update. The patch has brought an array of new abilities along with huge buffs to underpowered ones. Amongst the changes, Kelly 'The Swift' is probably the biggest winner of the patch, with an extra 6% movement speed added to her passive, making her one of the best female characters in Free Fire after the update.

Free Fire Ios Android Vector Akimbo
Kelly The Swift is now the leading female character in the game.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 abilities to combo with Kelly Awakened's skill.

1 - Shirou's Damage Delivered

Shirou's ability would give your first shot against marked enemies 100% armor penetration. This synergizes really well with Kelly Awakened's Deadly Velocity, which boosts raw damage. The two skills stack on each other, giving your first shot super high damage.

Shirou in Free Fire

This combo works best when you are sprinting around with a shotgun. Just one body shot with both skills active could heavily damage or kill enemies outright. A sniper rifle or a DMR could work as well. Shirou's ability is perfect to combo with Kelly.

2 - Hayato Firebrand's Art of Blades

With Hayato's ability equipped, you will be able to do the shotgun rush even easier. Just active Bushido for the damage reduction, wait for the enemy to trigger Shirou's ability, then retaliate with a shotgun blast.

Hayato Firebrand
Hayato Firebrand's Art of Blades

If you are using a long-range weapon... this combo works even better on a sniper rifle. You can just run around for the damage boost then snipe your target while the buff is active.

3 - Xayne's Xtreme Encounter

Xayne's ability is the best for aggressive close-quarter fights, in which you gun down enemies' gloo walls and chase them around. Kelly's Deadly Velocity is made for the same purpose - the extra damage can be multiplied further with Xayne's skill. You should be able to destroy a Gloo Wall instantly with both skill active.

Xayne in Free Fire

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4 - Rafael's Dead Silent

Rafael's Dead Silent is actually really strong now. It is a much-needed ability for all sniper builds - you can now use muzzles while with the effect of a silencer incorporated. Kelly's ability is pretty good on sniper builds - it lets you relocate from one location to another and increase the damage that your single shots SR would deal.

Rafael Free Fire
Rafael in Free Fire

5 - Alok's Drop the Beat

Alok's aura of HP regen and speed boost is still one of the best abilities ever created in Free Fire. You can't go wrong by combining Kelly's Deadly Velocity with it. The extra speed when combo with Kelly lets you blitz through the battlefield much faster.

Alok Free Fire
Alok's Drop the beat

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