Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile battle royale titles in the world. The game set itself apart from other titles with its unique character system of more than 40 different characters. Each character in Free Fire has a unique ability that will help you in different ways in combats.

The OB27 update has just arrived at Free Fire, bringing a ton of changes to the character system. In this article, GuruGamer is going to show you the top 5 best female characters in the OB27 update.

Best Female Characters In Free Fire OB27

1. Kelly

In this patch, the ability of Kelly Awaken has merged with the original ability of Kelly into one. Now, you will have both movement speed increase and a 140% damage boost for the first shot after running for 4 seconds. While this is not something that is too overpowerful or anything but Kelly is now a decent option in many combos. Plus Kelly is a free-to-play character, which means anyone can get her easily.

Kelly Awaken Free Fire
Kelly Awaken Free Fire character

2. Olivia

Olivia gets a huge buff in the OB27 update. Now, whenever she revive an ally, they will have 70 HP instantly, which is a very safe amount of health for your teammate to run, heal up, or fight. With Olivia in your Squad, you can create some clutch situations to turn the fight around.

Olivia Free Fire
Olivia Free Fire character

3. A124

Same as Olivia, A124 got buffed this patch and she is now a seriously good healer. The cooldown of her skill is reduced to 10 seconds and it consumes more EP now. Combining Olivia with Miguel and you are good to go with more than enough EP.

A124 Free Fire
A124 Free Fire character

4. Laura

Laura is among one of the best female characters in Free Fire. Her ability increase the accuracy of your weapon when you are scoped in, making her an important character to have to win long-range fights when you are playing a sniper role. Her ability also helps your weapon to hit more accurately in mid-range combats.

Free Fire Laura
Free Fire Laura character

5. Moco

Moco's tracking ability allows you to see the location of the enemy after you shot them. This allows you to easily chase the enemy and finish them off, preventing them from making some cheesy moves to turn the table. Combine with the M82B sniper rifle, you can easily hit the enemy even if they have Gloo Wall.

Moco Free Fire
Moco Free Fire character

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