The OB27 update just hit the main Free Fire server a few days ago, bringing a ton of new changes to the game, especially the character system. The abilities of many characters in Free Fire have been buffed or reworked, making them actually great now. Also, these characters are available in the shop for players to buy with gold so anyone can access them easily to make a good combo.

In this article, we are going to show you the top 5 'Cheap But Effective' character combinations in OB27 Update.

1. Deadly Bush Combo

Wukong + Jota + Hayato + Kelly

Free Fire Combo
This combo makes use of Wukong's ability to get close to the enemy

This combo mostly focuses on close-quarter combats by making use of Wukong's new active ability. Wukong will allow you to be sneaky and get close to the enemy easily. Jota's ability will help you regain health instantly after taking down an enemy using an SMG or a shotgun. You will be able to take down many enemies continuously by keep healing and turning into a bush.

Wukong Free Fire
After the buff, Wukong is now a great character for close-range combat

With Hayato Awaken, you will have additional armor penetration and damage reduction when you are facing an enemy, giving you an upper hand.

Lastly, Kelly Awaken will increase your mobility and 110% damage increase on the first shot.

2. Sniper Chrono Combo

Chrono + Rafael + Laura+ Hayato

Chrono Combo 0b27
In the Ob27 update, you will have to use Chrono's ability in a different way.

Many people think that Chrono will be completely useless after the nerfs but that is not true. He is still a really good character. You just have to play him differently. As Chrono's ability has a longer cooldown as well as a big area, Chrono is not that good in close-range combats anymore.

Chrono Skill
Chrono is now more suitable to be a sniper rather than a close-range fighter.

Instead of playing Chrono as a rusher, you can play him as a stealthy sniper because of his long cooldown ability. Combine Chrono with Rafael and Laura to increase your accuracy and gain the silencing effect in long-range fights.

If the enemy spots you and wants to fight, you can pop Chrono's shield to gain further advantages. You can use the pet Rookie to reduce the cooldown of Choro's shield to use it often.

For the last slot, you can use Shirou or Hayato, or Maro as they can increase your damage output significantly.

3. Counter Attack Combo

Xayne + Hayato + Shirou+ Joseph

Xayne is a new character in the OB27 update of Free Fire. You can get Xayne for free through the top-up event. Xayne's ability will give you 100 HP instantly plus 100% damage against Gloo Wall and shields for 10 seconds.

Xayne Free Fire
Xayne's ability is helpful in critical situations when you got caught off-guard.

You can use this ability in many combat situations to gain a health advantage over the enemy or to break their Gloo Wall, shield quickly. It is especially good to survive when you are caught off-guard.

We combine her ability with Hayato Awaken because he is just simply too good this patch with additional damage reduction and armor penetration when your HP is low. Shirou is also an important piece of this combo as he can track the enemy who shot you and give you additional armor penetration.

Hayato Awaken Free Fire
Hayato Awaken is one of the best characters to have in the OB27 update of Free Fire

This combo also needs Joseph to further increase your mobility in combat, something that this build is currently lacking.

4. Endless Healing Combo

K + Maxim + Ford + Kapella

As Maxim got buffed in the OB27 update, we can now use an old combo that can win you the game without fighting at all. In this combo, we have K for the active ability slot and Maxim, Ford, Kapella for the passive slots. If you can, equip Otero pet as well.

Maxim Free Fire
Maxim got buffed in the OB27, reviving an old combo in Free Fire

How do you play with this combo? It is very simple. As I mentioned, you don't even have to fight. All you have to do is go around finding Healing items such as Med Kit, Inhaler,... You can also get Med Kit from the Vending Machine. Gather as many Med Kit as you can. You can store around 20-25 Med Kit at most.

Free Fire Combo 1
You can stay outside of the safe zone forever and heal with this combo

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When the safe zone shrinks, you don't have to run into it. Stay outside, looking for more healing items, and heal. Ford's ability can reduce the damage from the zone by 24%. K can heal you continuously with EP, Maxim lets you consume healing items super quickly, and Kapella amplifies the effect of all your healing. Otero will transfer 60% of your Med Kit into EP. As long as you still have Med Kit, you can stay outside of the safe zone forever, even during the final zone.

If you don't have K, you can use A124 as a replacement and she is just as useful.

5. Budget 'K' Combo

A124 + Miguel + Hayato + Kelly

A124 also got a big buff in the OB27. With the cooldown of her skill reduced to 10 seconds. A124 is actually a decent healer now. By putting her with Miguel, you are basically having all the EP you ever need to use A124's ability.

A124 Free Fire
A124 is a good character now, thanks to the buff in the OB27 update

Since A124 will heal you over 4 seconds, it combines perfectly with Hayato Awaken to keep you safe while staying in low health. For the last slot, we pick Kelly because she is a free-to-play character and she just got a buff in the OB27 that makes her decent now. You can replace her with other characters that you feel fit such as Shirou, Jota,...

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